Single Universal Joints Datasheets

Universal Joint -- 13028 [9-4435 from]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

Swings 90 °, made in the U.S. [See More]

  • Joint Type: Single
  • Bore: 0.375
  • Hub Bore: Square
  • Operating Angle: 90
Universal Joint -- 70 01 008
from ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc.

Ball-and-socket joints. Ball-and-socket joints are very compact in their design and can be installed in cases where space is limited. Due to their sturdy design they are suitable for high-power transmissions. The maximum speed is dependent on the working angle and should not exceed 1000 rpm. The... [See More]

  • Joint Type: Single
  • Hub O.D.: 0.31
  • Hub Bore: Round
  • OAL: 0.98
from Berg W.M., Inc.


  • Joint Type: Single
  • OAL: 1.48
  • Hub O.D.: 0.38
  • Bore: 0.125
Universal Joint -- CN (Single)
from Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd.

Max.speed: ≤4000RPM. Static breaking torque: ≤2500 N.m. Max.working angle 45 ° [See More]

  • Joint Type: Single
  • Hub O.D.: 1.26 to 2.36
  • Hub Bore: Round; Keyed; Hex; Square
  • Bore: 0.630 to 1.378
Precision Joints with Needle Bearing -- H/HD
from KTR Corporation

The precision joints consist of a joint center piece and two hub bodies connected through some tabs. A plain bearing, type G, or a needle bearing, type H, make sure for the bearing of the joint heads. Openings are provided for lubrication of the plain bearings. The precision joints with needle... [See More]

  • Joint Type: Single (optional feature); Double (optional feature)
  • Hub O.D.: 0.87 to 3.74
  • Hub Bore: Round (optional feature); Keyed; Hex (optional feature); Square (optional feature)
  • Bore: 0.394 to 1.969
Economy Type -- UNCA10

Rubber cover available [See More]

  • Joint Type: Single
  • Hub O.D.: 0.79
  • Hub Bore: Round
  • OAL: 1.65
Unimite™ Couplings -- A-600-1-1
from Renbrandt, Inc.

Features Low cost Accommodates 40 º misalignment High torque - 8 ft/lbs. with set screws. (30 ft/lbs. with keys or pins) Long life Any diameter inside bore up to 7/16 Inch Dia. Applications For manual or medium duty usage such as multi-spindles. farm equipment. conveyors. process machinery. [See More]

  • Joint Type: Single
  • Bore: 0.188
  • Hub Bore: Round
  • Operating Angle: 40
A 5D 8-D008
from Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI

Die Cast Zinc, Single Joint, 1.9375in Overall Length Universal Joint [See More]

  • Joint Type: Single
  • OAL: 1.94
  • Hub O.D.: 0.56
  • Bore: 0.250
J Series Pin & Block U-Joints
from Boston Gear

Overview. Boston Gear's precision-machined J and JS Series universal joints, commonly referred to as "pin and block" type, are designed for connecting shafts at angles up to 30 ° for speeds up to 2000 RPM. All 14 sizes are stocked in solid, plain, and finished bores in both steel (J) and... [See More]

  • Joint Type: Single
  • Hub O.D.: 0.38 to 4.00
  • Hub Bore: Round
  • Maximum Torque: 6 to 16400
Solid 303 Stainless Steel Joint -- SS641
from Curtis Universal Joint Company, Inc.

Stainless Steel Single Joints — Solid Hubs. Many applications require corrosion resistant universal joints to assure sanitation or to avoid premature oxidation or deterioration. Curtis stainless steel U-joints are particularly important, for example, to industries that use food processing... [See More]

  • Joint Type: Single
  • Hub O.D.: 0.38
  • Hub Bore: Solid
  • Weight: 0.05
Steel Universal Joint -- 12115-103
from Elliott Manufacturing Co., LLC

Elliott ’s Universal Joints are ideal for transmitting torque around offsets in rigid rod systems. They will accommodate angles up to 30 ° with very little loss of efficiency. These joints are available in steel, bronze, and stainless steel construction. They are available in a range of... [See More]

  • Joint Type: Single
  • OAL: 3.75
  • Hub O.D.: 1.25
  • Bore: 0.500
from G & G Manufacturing Company

Collar ball snap hitch to bar weld, includes keyway and setscrew [See More]

  • Joint Type: Single
  • Hub O.D.: 2.12
  • Hub Bore: Splined; Square
  • Features: Set Screws
Huco-Pol -- 101.16
from Huco Dynatork

Materials & Finishes. Forked body members:Acetal (black).Cross pieces:Brass BS2874 CZ121. Chromate & passivate finish. Temperature Range. -20 °C to +60 °C [See More]

  • Joint Type: Single
  • Hub O.D.: 0.69
  • Hub Bore: Round
  • OAL: 2.10
Single Delrin Universal Joints with Extended Brass Insert -- 103.06.1414
from Ondrives.Us Corporation, formerly Rino Mechanical

Features: Zero backlash to 108 turns. Up to 1000 RPM. Delrin ™ with Brass Inserts. Dual Set Screw Fixing Low mass, low inertia. Made in America [See More]

  • Joint Type: Single
  • Hub O.D.: 0.01
  • Hub Bore: Round
  • OAL: 0.04
Alloy Steel Universal Joints-UJ Series -- UJ10
from Oren Elliott Products, Inc.

Can accommodate extremely large angular misalignments. Can accommodate extremely large radial misalignments, when used in pairs [See More]

  • Joint Type: Single
  • Hub O.D.: 0.62
  • Hub Bore: Round
  • OAL: 2.25