Differential / Taper Form Gages and Form Gaging Systems Datasheets

Reference Form Measuring Machine - MarForm -- MFU 110
from Mahr Inc.

Product features. Reference form measuring machine for the precision measuring room and production with tactile and optical probe. Use of the benefits of the most modern, optical metrology. Non-tacticle measurement of sensitive parts. Particularly high measuring accuracy. Lowers your production... [See More]

  • Form Parameters: Coaxiality; Cylindricity or Cylinder Gage; Differential / Taper; Eccentricity / Concentricity; Flatness; Parallelism; Roundness; Runout; Straightness
  • Technology: Optical / Laser
  • Scan Rate: 3.94E-4 to 1.97
  • Mounting / Loading Options: Floor
MicroTrak II Laser Displacement Sensor -- LTC-025-02
from MTI Instruments Inc.

High Speed Laser Sensor utilizing the Latest CMOS / CCD Technology. The Microtrak II features state-of-the-art CMOS laser triangulation technology for precise measurements of displacement, position, vibration and thickness. Unaffected by surface texture, color or stray light, the Microtrak II Laser... [See More]

  • Form Parameters: Differential / Taper; Flatness; Parallelism; Runout; Squareness / Angularity; Straightness; Step Height; Warp / Bow
  • Additional Capability: Spacing; Thickness; Waviness; Defects, dimples or film residues; Lay / Pattern
  • Standards Compliance: ISO / EN
  • Diameter / Width: 7.87E-4