Medical Form Gages and Form Gaging Systems Datasheets

Combined Contour and Surface Desktop Measuring Station - MarSurf -- LD 130 / LD 260
from Mahr Inc.

MarSurf LD 130 / LD 260. A step into a new dimension. Combined contour and roughness measurements in just one step come courtesy of proven cutting-edge technology from Mahr metrology. The MarSurf LD 130 and MarSurf LD 260 measuring stations have been systematically developed to draw on the... [See More]

  • Applications: Automotive; Bearings, Gears, Shafting, Seals, etc.; Medical; Optics / Photonics
  • Measuring Path / Scan Length: 0.0039 to 10.24
  • Additional Capability: Roughness
  • Scan Rate: 7.87E-4 to 7.87
Microtrak™ 3 Displacement Laser Sensor -- LTS-120-20
from MTI Instruments Inc.

High resolution, high speed laser displacement sensor (non-contact linear displacement sensor) utilizes the latest CMOS sensor technology that challenges even the most difficult measurement applications. The Microtrak ™ 3 is undoubtedly an essential measurement tool for process automation,... [See More]

  • Applications: Aerospace / Defense; Automotive; Bearings, Gears, Shafting, Seals, etc.; Medical (optional feature); MEMS; Nanomaterials; Optics / Photonics; Precision Machining / Grinding; Semiconductors; Electronics; Production or Factory Use
  • Standards Compliance: ISO / EN
  • Form Parameters: Flatness; Runout; Step Height; Warp / Bow
  • Additional Capability: Thickness