Non-contact - Optical / Laser Form Gages and Form Gaging Systems Datasheets

Aspheric Precision 3D Measuring Station - MarForm -- MFU 200
from Mahr Inc.

Product features. Mahr developed the MarForm MFU 200 Aspheric 3D to enable optical components to be tested in 2D / 3D quickly and close to the production area. MarForm measuring machines have been recognized for decades for their accuracy and stability. With the MarForm MFU 200 Aspheric 3D this... [See More]

  • Technology: Optical / Laser
  • Additional Capability: 2D / Line Profile; Area or three dimensional profile
  • Form Parameters: Parallelism; Roundness; Runout
  • Scan Rate: 0.0039 to 1.97
dimensionCONTROL TCS 8303.1 Inspection System
from Micro-Epsilon Group

Precise. The TLS 8303.I is applied in the extrusion line immediately after the cutting machine including two cameras in order to verify rubber strips re- garding their profile and length for tire produc- tion. The cameras record synchronously the cutting edge of the strips and detect deviations from... [See More]

  • Technology: Optical / Laser
  • Diameter / Width: 7.87 to 21.65
  • Additional Capability: 2D / Line Profile
  • Scan Rate: 19.69
Microtrak 3 Thickness Gauge -- TGS 25-02
from MTI Instruments Inc.

The Microtrak 3 Thickness Gauge System used for automated metal, fiberboard and cement board sheet production and QA/QC combines our proven non-contact laser triangulation sensors with a modular controller that can operate either as a standalone solution for displacement measurement or with a... [See More]

  • Technology: Optical / Laser
  • Mounting / Loading Options: Unit Mounted on Machine or Production Line
  • Additional Capability: Thickness
  • Display & Special Features: PC Interface / Networkable
Sub-Micron Structured Light 3D Scanner -- MIKROCAD LITE
from LMI Technologies

MikroCAD delivers sub-micron accuracy and repeatability on a variety of challenging scan surfaces such as shiny, reflective and steep edges, in contrast to confocal solutions that are unable to handle steeply angled geometries. With MikroCAD 3D Surface Metrology you can: Measure roughness and... [See More]

  • Technology: Optical / Laser
  • Measuring Path / Scan Length: 0.0315
  • Additional Capability: Area or three dimensional profile
  • Mounting / Loading Options: Benchtop