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  • Application: Coolant System Liquid Levels on Refrigerated Trucks (.pdf)
    . Applications. • Monitoring coolant levels on board refrigerated. trucks. • Monitoring any liquid levels from a side entry. point. Figure 3. Coolant Tank Low- Level Sensor switch is open and dash indicator lamp is lit. ME. M D. E E. D R. E ’. R s. ’. s LS. L. S Se. S r. e i. r e. i s. e. s Fl. F o. l a. o t. a.
  • Application: Automobile Brake Fluid Level Sensor (.pdf)
    the fluid level in brake fluid reservoirs. • Sensing fluid level in gasoline, oil and other. liquid reservoirs. Figure 3. Brake Fluid Level Sensor activated disabling ABS and dash indicator lamp. • Air conditioner system condensate: detecting. high water levels. • Coolant overflow fluid system sensing. ME
  • Application: Automobile Brake Float Level Sensor (.pdf)
    is. maintained at its proper level. Low brake fluid level could mean the loss of the. vehicle braking system. Figure 1. Complete Brake Float Level Sensor. Features. • All inclusive brake fluid sensor complete with. switching element (Reed Switch), Float, and. magnet. • Hermetically sealed. • Dynamically
  • The Development of a RTD Temperature Sensor for Exhaust Applications (.pdf)
    of. Tolerance of a thermistor depends on its intended range. the three sensor types over the entire measurement. of use. Thermistor tolerances in manifold air. range over time. It is important to note that zero hour. temperature sensors (MAT) or coolant sensors are very. accuracy is only one portion
  • How To Select Instrumentation Sensors To Ensure Continued Performance
    inductive sensors work according to Faraday’s law of induction. To operate, these sensors require a conductive fluid, which creates a potential difference within the sensor that translates to flow. With a variety of performance levels, from the simplistic to complex fully-featured sensors, flow
  • Can a Fluid Sensors "Toughen-Up" a 20-Ton Earthmover?
    When our Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) customer, we'll call them Earthmovers Inc., changed coolant formulation to extend its useful life thus decreasing maintenance, it discovered that the sensor it had been using successfully was suddenly rendered ineffective. Level Switch Devices - Pressure Switch
  • Improving Mission Critical Cooling Systems with More Reliable Level Sensing
    CAP-300 Coolant Level Sensors raise the bar on reliability where dependable performance is missioncritical and operational downtime is money lost.
  • Compressed Air Versus Blowers -The Real Truth
    Blow-off of water, dust, coolant, etc. is achieved using either, or both compressed air and blower operated. systems. article1.pmd COMPRESSED AIR VERSUS BLOWERS – The Real Truth. EFFICIENT BLOW-OFF: Blow-off of water, dust, coolant, etc. is achieved using either, or both compressed air
  • New Nylon Family from DuPont Delivers Superior Aging Resistance (.pdf)
    DuPont TM Zytel (R) PLUS is a new family of nylons from DuPont which combines the ease of processing of conventional nylon resins with groundbreaking levels of resistance to chemicals, hot air, oil and coolant. Comprehensive research shows that, in comparison to traditionally stabilized nylons
  • Advances in Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow Meter Accuracy (.pdf)
    to generate a signal directly proportional to the temperature differential and mass flow rate. Over the years, Thermal type flow sensors have been utilized across a very wide spectrum of applications and feature an assortment of performance limits. Modern Thermal flow sensor designs have greatly evolved

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