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  • Filled UV Curable Epoxy Provides Low CTE For Electronic Potting and Encapsulating
    Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) epoxies play an important role in the engineering and construction of electronic circuit boards as well as having great adhesive properties for other assembly operations. These epoxies are used for a variety of different applications such as encapsulation
  • Managing Heat Transfer With Potting Compounds
    Today's electronic designs are smaller in size and deliver more power, which requires that they run at higher temperatures. In order to maintain long life and high reliability, they must be able to dissipate that heat efficiently. Fans, vents and other cooling devices take up valuable design space
  • UV Curing Adhesives and Potting Compounds
    . Ultraviolet curable formulations are materials that cure (harden or polymerize) when exposed to ultraviolet light. Epoxies Etc... has developed an extensive line of UV curing products designed to fit a wide range of electronic, aerospace, decorative, and medical device applications. Ultraviolet light
  • Sealing the Package: Potting and the Flat Ribbon in Switches and Relays
    Last time, we talked about the importance of achieving a vacuum-tight glass to metal seal in electronic products. Similarly, a method known as potting (also called encapsulation) is often used in manufacturing to create a tightly sealed package for electronic switching devices, including the flat
  • New Urethane Technology for Potting & Encapsulation in Electronics
    Many electronic components and assemblies require a potting compound for protection against moisture, thermal shock, vibration and very low temperatures. Most of the potting & encapsulating compounds available to designers are unable to give adequate protection over a wide temperature range
  • Turn-key Potting Benefits OEM Electronics Producer
    Although it is still early afternoon as the 1191 sedan eases onto the freeway, the driver switches on his headlights. It is the law in Canada. A sophisticated electronic module immediately senses the presence of day-light, automatically reduces wattage to the headlights by 20 percent and switches
  • Solving Ultraviolet Curable Potting & Encapsulating Problems With Shadow Cure Technology
    The Potting or Encapsulation of electronic components is a common engineering design tool to protect products from environmental exposure. Potting involves the covering or embedding of an electronic or electrical device. In most cases an assembly is placed in a case or shell and then a liquid
  • Thermally Conductive Adhesives Keep Things Cool
    Thermally conductive adhesives. and potting compounds are an important. weapon in the war against heat raging within. today's powerful electronic devices.

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