CMOS Fiber Optic Receivers

10 MBd High Performance Link Receiver for Industrial Applications, Horizontal Package, 1x4, RoHS Compliant -- HFBR-2528Z
from Broadcom Inc.

The HFBR-0508Z Series consists of a fiber-optic transmitter and receiver operating at a 650 nm wavelength (red). The HFBR-1528Z transmitter is an LED in a low cost plastic housing designed to efficiently couple power into 200 μm diameter HCS and 1 mm diameter POF. The HFBR-2528Z receiver... [See More]

  • Signal Output:: Transistor-Transistor Logic; Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  • Receiver Type: PIN Photodiode
  • Photodiode Semiconductor: Silicon
  • Amplifier Type: Transimpedance