TTL Fiber Optic Receivers

9107113 [AFBR-2531CZ from Broadcom Inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

The AFBR-25x1 Z Versatile Link series from Avago Technologies are fibre optic link transmitters. There are three different packages available. The AFBR-2521CZ is a horizontal package, AFBR-2531CZ vertical and AFBR-2541CZ is the tilted (30 °) Package. The receiver consists of an IC with... [See More]

  • Signal Output:: Transistor-Transistor Logic
  • Data Rate: 5
DIP Fiber Optic Receiver -- 2806 REC
from S.I. Tech, Inc.

Operating distance is dependent upon optical fiber core diameter and the cable's optical attenuation. The table below indicates three cables that may be used at any data rate. These cables are available in connectorized assemblies to meet the exact configuration of your application. [See More]

  • Signal Output:: Transistor-Transistor Logic
  • Receiver Type: PIN Photodiode
  • Photodiode Semiconductor: Silicon
  • Cable Type: Single mode (optional feature); Multimode
1 MBd High Performance Link Receiver -- HFBR-2522ETZ
from Broadcom Inc.

Avago ’s 1 MBd Robust Versatile Link Receiver series is a complete family of fiber optic link components for applications requiring a low-cost solution. The HFBR-252xETZ series includes transmitters, receivers, connectors and cable specified for easy design. This new 1 MBd Robust Versatile... [See More]

  • Signal Output:: Transistor-Transistor Logic
  • Rise Time: 20
  • Data Rate: 5
  • Stand Alone: Stand Alone
Dual Channel Fiber Optic Isolators -- F2900 Series
from Versitron, Inc.

VERSITRON F2900 Group dual channel isolators are designed for passing telemetry, clock, data or any async or serial data stream in one direction. As such, these fiber optic modems enhance datacomm/telecomm system flexibility and help lower hardware costs. Two different versions are available... [See More]

  • Signal Output:: Transistor-Transistor Logic
  • Connector Type: ST
  • Cable Type: Single Mode / Multimode
  • Data Rate: 5.00E-5 to 10