Pigtail Fiber Optic Receivers

20 GHz RF/Fiber Optic Receiver -- MP-6000RX
from Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.

The MP-6000RX is a RF/Fiber Optic Receiver designed for antenna remoting and ultra-broadband RF transmission applications using singlemode fiber optic cable.The receiver utilizes a high-speed, low distortion PIN photodiode detector that provides Optical to RF conversion out to 18 GHz. The unit... [See More]

  • Receiver Type: PIN Photodiode
  • Connector Type: FC (optional feature); SC (optional feature)
  • Cable Type: Single mode
  • Responsivity: 0.7500
Airpak Fiber Optic Receiver Modules
from OSI Optoelectronics

The Airpak Series Receivers are full function, high performance digital fiber optic modules. They provide an extremely cost effective interface between standard ECL and PECL logic families and an optical fiber transmission system. The innovative application of high-quality surface mount technology... [See More]

  • Photodiode Semiconductor: Indium Gallium Arsenic
  • Connector Type: FC (optional feature)
  • Receiver Type: PIN Photodiode
  • Data Rate: 52 to 622