Ion Lasers Lasers Datasheets

Argon-Ion Laser: 514nm 50mW, CE Certified -- NT58-474
from Edmund Optics Inc.

Ultra-Compact Single Unit with Internal Power Supply. Lower Cost per mW of Power. Single and Multi-Line Models with Dual Channel Air-Cooled Design. Rear Mounted Power Output Control Knob. This line of air-cooled Argon-Ion lasers provides a stable, high quality output beam from a rugged yet efficient... [See More]

  • Laser Type: Ion Lasers
  • Wavelength Range: 514
  • Features: Polarized Output
  • Laser Power: 50
from Modu-Laser, LLC.

Blue and yellow light output [See More]

  • Laser Type: Ion Lasers
  • Laser Wavelength: Blue; Yellow
  • Laser Output: Continuous
  • Features: Internal Power Supply; Polarized Output