Laser Pointers Lasers Datasheets

Key-Chain Micro-Laser Pointer -- Model 3141
from Control Company

Laser is perfect for slide presentations, wall charts, and lectures. Provides a brilliant red light at the highly visible 650 nm wavelength with a beam diameter of 3.5 mm. Power Class III laser has an output power of 4 mW and a range of 300 feet. Three silver-oxide batteries provide months of... [See More]

  • Laser Type: Laser Pointers
  • Laser Wavelength: Red
  • Laser Output: Continuous
  • Features: Internal Power Supply
1064nm IR Scorpius Laser Pointer (Class IIIb / IV)
from Laserglow Technologies

The Scorpius Series, a portable DPSS laser emitting at 1064 nm, produces a completely invisible laser beam. Extreme caution must be used when operating any infrared laser as the human eye will not detect it. Laser safety goggles are included with each Scorpius Series laser. The Scorpius Series is... [See More]

  • Laser Type: Laser Pointers
  • Laser Wavelength: Infrared
  • Laser Output: Continuous
  • Wavelength Range: 1064
5 Patterns in One Green Laser Pointer -- 5PGL-S

One Laser Pointer With Variable Functions. Intense 5 in 1 Laser Pointer Pen with Changeable High Powered Green Laser Light Beam Caps for Sale. Depending on what you are using your laser pen for or what you are pointing at / drawing attention to determines the right type of laser pointer for that... [See More]

  • Laser Type: Laser Pointers
  • Laser Wavelength: Green