Carbon Dioxide Lasers Lasers Datasheets

CO2 Desktop Laser Engraver - 18 Inch -- Epilog Mini 18 Laser
from Epilog Laser Corp.

The Legend Elite Series features our top-of-the-line CO2 laser systems and is utilized by customers for the highest-quality engraving and cutting of wood, acrylics, plastics, stone, and much more. Find out why the Legend Elite Series - from our small format Epilog Mini 18 to the large-scale Legend... [See More]

  • Laser Type: Carbon Dioxide Lasers
  • Laser Power: 25000 to 45000
  • Laser Wavelength: Invisible
CO2 Laser Cutting Head -- LR2075
from Hypertherm, Inc.

Hypertherm proudly extends its laser product line to include the LR2075. Designed to bring the FAST Laser productivity benefits to existing systems, the LR2075 also incorporates many features aimed to maximize cutting time and minimize operating costs. [See More]

  • Laser Type: Carbon Dioxide Lasers
from FOBA North America

The high-performance TEA CO2 mask marker marks small surfaces with extreme precision and in the shortest times with use-by and manufacturing dates, batch and serial numbers or logos and graphics. Single- and multiple-line markings are applied to such widely diverse products as electronic components,... [See More]

  • Laser Type: Carbon Dioxide Lasers; Pulsed Carbon Dioxide
  • Laser Wavelength: Infrared
  • Laser Output: Pulsed
  • Wavelength Range: 9300 to 10600
10, 25, 50W CO2 Laser -- 48-series
from Synrad, Inc.

Synrad ’s original “all-metal ” tube technology opened the door for sealed CO2 lasers in many industrial applications. After 20 years, it remains the industry standard for performance, reliability, long lifetime and low cost. The laser tube is a rigid box structure design that... [See More]

  • Laser Type: Carbon Dioxide Lasers
Universal Laser Cartridge -- ULR-10
from Universal Laser Systems, Inc.

Our exclusive line of patented CO2 Free-Space Gas Slab Lasers is designed specifically for the needs of laser cutting, engraving, graphic imaging and marking applications. Our lasers produce an excellent quality beam with even power distribution and good near and far field characteristics. We design... [See More]

  • Laser Type: Carbon Dioxide Lasers
  • Laser Power: 10000
  • Wavelength Range: 9300 to 10600