EMI / RFI Protection Industrial Joysticks

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Hall Effect Joystick -- Model 501
from Ultra Electronics Measurement Systems Inc

A two axis non-contacting precision displacement fingertip operated control which has revolutionized the HMI (Human Machine Interface) Industry by providing high performance and high reliability at low cost. Standard Model 501C joysticks produce analog output voltages proportional to angle of... [See More]

  • Number of Axes: 2-Axis Control
  • Joystick Application: Heavy Duty Joystick Controller; Precision Joystick Controller
  • Number of Actuating Directions: 4
  • Grip Style: Contoured (optional feature); Straight or Conical Tube (optional feature); Custom; Finger Operated
Can-Bus J1939, Backlit, Rugged And Sealed Construction Joystick -- 3J
from Grayhill, Inc.

Grayhill ’s joysticks provide the human interface for directional control. They are available with mechanical switching or magnetic Hall-effect sensors for long life. Our NavCoders are unique human interface devices for navigating through on-screen software. They integrate the following three... [See More]

  • Number of Axes: 5-Axis Control
  • Grip Style: Custom
  • Joystick Application: Heavy Duty Joystick Controller
  • Mounting: Panel