Vane Meter Liquid Flow Meters Datasheets

Hot Oil/Water Flowmeters -- HF4 Series
from Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc.

Smartflow ® hot oil/water flowmeters are durable, vaneoperated devices that provide visual indication of flow rate in gallons per minute. The indicator ball is separated from the process by a high temperature gasket and stainless steel plate. A glass window retains the indicator ball. This... [See More]

  • Process Media Type: Liquid
  • Media Temperature: 550
  • Operating Pressure: 150
  • Meter Type: Volumetric Flow Meter
Adjustable Flow Switch, 90° Flow Path -- FS-400 Series
from Gems Sensors & Controls

Flow Rate Settings: 0.75 GPM to 14.0 GPM. Port Size: 3/4". Primary Construction Material: Bronze. Setting Type: Adjustable. Provides accurate flow detection in water and oil with 1% repeatability. Flow settings on the adjustable version can be easily changed without disassembly. A shuttle by-pass... [See More]

  • Process Media Type: Liquid
  • Media Temperature: -20 to 180
  • Operating Pressure: 400 to 800
  • Meter Type: Volumetric Flow Meter
Flow Monitor for Corrosive Fluids -- FL-X Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

FL-X Series variable-area flowrate indicators utilize fluid movement to actuate a swinging vane, which drives the scale pointer and triggers the signal switch. The corrosion-resistant construction includes no breakable tubes, and a display that is unaffected by the opacity of the fluid. These... [See More]

  • Meter Technology: Variable Area
  • Operating Pressure: 200
  • Process Media Type: Liquid
  • Media Temperature: 199
Smartflow® Flowmeters
from DME Company

Designed to diagnose and/or monitor water line. conditions. Provides continuous readings of flow. rate, temperature and pressure. Easy to install. with quick connect couplings, one socket and. one plug. Choose from a variety of inflowmation. products to help you monitor and adjust your. flow,... [See More]

  • Process Media Type: Liquid
  • Liquid Volumetric Flow Rate: 0.50 to 8.00
  • Meter Type: Volumetric Flow Meter
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.25 to 0.50
Flow Meters 10 and 30 lpm -- W-BB-F02B-A-010
from Invotec Solutions Ltd.

Smartflow 10 and 30 lpm mechanical flowmeters are durable, vane operated devices which provide visual indication of flowrate in many different styles and sizes. Rugged wetted parts are compatible with many process liquids. Inlet/Outlet sizes available 1/4 ", 3/8 ",1/2 " and 3/4 "... [See More]

  • Process Media Type: Liquid
  • Meter Type: Volumetric Flow Meter
  • Operating Pressure: 100
  • Liquid Volumetric Flow Rate: 2.64
KFF/KFG - Low Volume, Rotating Vane Flowmeters
from KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.

Product Features. Series 1000 Flow Sensors- Linear 0 - 5 VDC Output Signal - Highly Repeatable - Very Stable - No Zero Drift - Standard 12 VDC Input Power - Liquid or Gas Versions. Series 3000 Flowmeters -All Features of the Series 1000 Flow Sensors -Very Compact -Power-Efficient LCD Display- Linear... [See More]

  • Process Media Type: Liquid; Gas
  • Media Temperature: 120
  • Operating Pressure: 500
  • Meter Type: Velocity Flow Meter
V121F Series Flow Switch
from United Electric Controls Company

For high flow switching applications up to 20 GPM, this design offers the same proven advantages of the V121F series but features larger fittings for reduced pressure drop. The nonmagnetic switching principle produces resistance to both dirty media and external electromagnetic equipment. The inline... [See More]

  • Process Media Type: Liquid
  • Meter Type: Volumetric Flow Meter
  • Operating Pressure: 150
  • Liquid Volumetric Flow Rate: 5.00 to 20.00