Three Foot Switches Datasheets

Compact, Three Pedal Erogonomic Foot Switch -- 51.864
from Altech Corp.

The FM series foot switches are ideal for light or medium duty applications and especially medical applications. The compact, sturdy but small, ABS housing is designed to meet all the different contact and switch insert configurations. This series has many features, such as maintained and two stage... [See More]

  • Pedals: Three
  • Function: Momentary
  • Switch / Action Method: Snap Action Switch
  • Pole and Throw Specifications: Single Pole, Double Throw
Foot Operated Control Switch -- Infrared Wireless Digital - Triple
from Linemaster Switch Corporation

Driptight · Dusttight · Watertight · Oiltight · Rust Proof · Corrosion Resistant ·. Digital IR WIRELESS DEVICE. Features & Benefits: 40 foot range typical. Uses industry standard AA Alkaline batteries. Eliminates the need for cords. Retrofits most... [See More]

  • Pedals: Three
  • Function: Momentary
  • Switch / Action Method: Infrared Wireless
  • Pole and Throw Specifications: Single Pole, Single Throw; Single Pole, Double Throw (optional feature)
PDL-03 Foot Pedal -- PDL-03
from Progressive Automations

PDL-03 is an ideal option for controlling two actuators simultaneously or non-simultaneously. Each pedal has two positions, ‘up ’ and ‘down ’. This model has direct plugs to PA-20, PA-24 and PA-22 control boxes, but can be wired to work with any control box we offer using a... [See More]

  • Pedals: Three
3-pedal Medical Foot Switch -- MKF 3-MED GP31
from steute

Features/Options. High mechanical stability. Non-contact switching systems. Reed contacts for low currents. Digital or analogue output signals. LEDs. Class AP. Plug-in connector. Pressure point. Special labels. Different RAL colours. 4- or 5-pedal type available [See More]

  • Pedals: Three
  • Maximum Current: 1 to 5
  • Configuration: Normally Open
  • Maximum AC Voltage: 25
Foot Switch with Controller Output (Potentiometer)

An integrated potentiometer in the switching element enables infinitely variable control tasks to be performed via a controller output corresponding to the pedal position. A microswitch is additionally activated to provide potential isolation when at rest or in end position. Provisions are made for... [See More]

  • Pedals: One (optional feature); Two (optional feature); Three (optional feature)
  • Maximum Current: 10
  • Configuration: Normally Open; Normally Closed
  • Maximum AC Voltage: 240
X-keys Foot Pedal PS/2 -- XF-09-PS2-R
from P.I. Engineering, Inc.

Use your foot to activate any keyboard command. 3 User-reprogrammable pedals. Great for "hands free" procedures. Rugged, reliable input. Mechanical design prevents accidental pressing on more than one pedal. Connects in line with a standard PC (PS/2) keyboard. No software required. Hardwired 120" (3... [See More]

  • Pedals: Three
  • Function: Momentary; 1-Stage
  • Switch / Action Method: Snap Action Switch
  • Configuration: Normally Open