T 5mm Timing Pulleys (metric) Datasheets

T5-10 -- 31 43 010
from ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc.

The accurate meshing of the belt teeth with the teeth of the input and output pulleys ensures positive synchronous power transmission. Slag and the resulting speed variations are excluded and a constant angular velocity is guaranteed. In conjunction with the AT profles it is possible to reach... [See More]

  • Pitch Type: T 5mm
  • Belt Width: 10
  • Component Type: Timing Pulley
  • LTB: 21
Flange Pulley
from Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd.

China pulleys manufacturer ,we Specialise in: European Series V-Belt Pulleys, American Standard Sheaves, Timing Belt Pulleys. Taper pulleys, adjustable pulleys, falt belts pulleys, sheaves, V-Belt Pullys for taper bushes,V-Belt Pullys with solid hub. We have the capability to custom design and... [See More]

  • Pitch Type: T 2.5mm T 5mm T 10mm HTD 3mm HTD 5mm HTD 14mm HTD 8mm
  • Teeth: 10 to 72
Metal Timing Pulleys (metric) -- A 6A35M010DF1004
from Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI

5 mm (T5) Pitch,10 Teeth, 4mm Bore, 2 Flanges/With Hub, Aluminum Alloy Timing Pulley for 10mm Wide Belt [See More]

  • Pitch Type: T 5mm
  • Teeth: 10
  • Component Type: Timing Pulley
  • Belt Width: 10
Standard Belt Width Pulleys
from F.N. Sheppard & Co.

Custom Pulleys: Other pitch sizes. Made to Order, custom materials (stainless steel, delrin). heat treating, anodized, black oxide, Teflon coating. Please contact customer service for further information. [See More]

  • Pitch Type: T 2.5mm (optional feature) T 5mm (optional feature) T 10mm (optional feature) T 20mm (optional feature) AT 5mm (optional feature) AT 10mm (optional feature) AT 20mm (optional feature) HTD 3mm (optional feature) HTD 5mm (optional feature) HTD 14mm (optional feature) HTD 8mm (optional feature)
  • Pulley Diameter: 15.1 to 456
  • Component Type: Timing Pulley (optional feature); Timing Pulley Stock (optional feature)
  • Pitch Diameter: 15.9 to 458
Keyless Synchronous Pulley - T10 Type -- TTLA22T Series

Range of bores available, anodized clear alumite [See More]

  • Pitch Type: T 5mm T 10mm
  • Teeth: 22
  • Component Type: Timing Pulley
  • Belt Width: 15
T5 Series - Aluminum Timing Pulley -- Double Flange
from Onvio LLC

Timing belts are being used in higher performing applications every day. As these applications evolve beyond the every day power transmission application, designers are looking to optimize the design of the system including the pulleys. At Onvio, we specialize in producing customized pulleys which... [See More]

  • Pitch Type: T 5mm Call 603-685-0404 For Details
  • Teeth: 10 to 114
  • Component Type: Timing Pulley; Timing Pulley Stock (optional feature)
  • Mounting and Features: Hub on pulley; Simple Bore