Elastomeric Bellows Mechanical Seals Datasheets

Mechanical Seal Development Services
from American Engineering Group LLC

AEG (ISO 9001:2015) is a full service product design, development and manufacturing company providing comprehensive product development services to inventors, startup and veteran companies. Since our inception in 2000, we have been helping our clients from initial product evaluation, development of... [See More]

  • Seal Design: Metal Bellows; Elastomeric Bellows
  • Mechanical Seal Type: Single; Double (optional feature)
Mechanical Seal -- Type 1
from Berliss

Single seal, unbalanced, single spring, bi-directional, elastomer bellows [See More]

  • Seal Design: Elastomeric Bellows
  • Spring Element: Single Spring
  • Mechanical Seal Type: Single
  • Specialized Mounting: Non-cartridge; Split Seal
Mechanical Seals -- Type W Axial Shaft Mechanical Seals
from Daemar Inc.

Off road and earth moving equipment must endure extreme service conditions that would quickly destroy common elastomeric lip seals. The drive components on such machines require stronger seal performance to keep out dirt, water, rock and mud while maintaining positive lubrication retention. The... [See More]

  • Seal Design: Elastomeric Bellows
  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
Double Mechanical Seal With a Mechanical Drive -- EP Type-3 Series
from MECO Shaft Seals

The MECO EP Type 3 model is the best choice in split sealing technology for horizontal dryers and reactors in vacuum service. The configuration is a double mechanical seal, using a mechanical drive to rotate bearing-grade, synthetic seal faces against fixed, hardened stainless steel seal faces. The... [See More]

  • Seal Design: Elastomeric Bellows
  • Seal Application: Agitator or Mixer
  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Location on Shaft: Internal
Full Convolution Industrial-duty Elastomer Bellows Shaft Seal -- Type 1
from John Crane, Inc.

With its proven track record of exceptional performance, the Type 1 elastomer bellows seal is widely recognized as the industry's workhorse. Suitable for a wide range of service conditions ranging from water and steam to chemicals and corrosive materials, the Type 1 mechanical seal is ideal for use... [See More]

  • Seal Design: Elastomeric Bellows
  • Seal Application: Pump
  • Mechanical Seal Type: Single
  • Shaft Diameter: 1 to 4