Double Mechanical Seal Mechanical Seals Datasheets

Mechanical Seals -- Type W Axial Shaft Mechanical Seals
from Daemar Inc.

Off road and earth moving equipment must endure extreme service conditions that would quickly destroy common elastomeric lip seals. The drive components on such machines require stronger seal performance to keep out dirt, water, rock and mud while maintaining positive lubrication retention. The... [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Seal Design: Elastomeric Bellows
Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal -- ZLR-1200
from EnviroPump and Seal, Inc.

Ideal for highly corrosive applications, all parts in contact with pumped fluid are made of corrosion resistant materials!. Concentric Design – Places both rotary faces close to bearings to minimize deflection and vibration effects on seal. Cartridge Design – No measuring, self... [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Spring Element: Multi-spring
  • Seal Design: Metal Bellows
  • Specialized Mounting: Cartridge
Double Mechanical Seal With a Mechanical Drive -- EP Type-3 Series
from MECO Shaft Seals

The MECO EP Type 3 model is the best choice in split sealing technology for horizontal dryers and reactors in vacuum service. The configuration is a double mechanical seal, using a mechanical drive to rotate bearing-grade, synthetic seal faces against fixed, hardened stainless steel seal faces. The... [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Seal Application: Agitator or Mixer
  • Seal Design: Elastomeric Bellows
  • Location on Shaft: Internal
Bulkhead Seal Products -- Reliant RM
from Mide Technology Corporation

Reliant YM is the next evolution seal design in which total system weight is reduced and maintenance is simplified. Instead of a housing, the Reliant YM series uses flat interface plates bolted to the bulkhead, on which the seal floats, to allow for large radial motions of the shaft. Reliant YM... [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Seal Configuration: Face-to-Face
  • Seal Design: Foam With Embedded Hydrogel Particles
  • Seal Application: Marine Stern Tube
Delta Mechanical Seals -- Double Cartridge Seals
from Robert J. Fitzmyer Co., Inc.

Double seals and Tandem seals are required for process fluids containing abrasive slurries or hazardous / toxic chemicals and require an externally supplied barrier buffer fluids to pressurize, lubricate and cool the Inboard and Outboard seal faces. [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
Side Entry Mixer Seal for Slurry Application

Function. • Double-acting mechanical seal liquid lubricated. for slurry applications. • Pair of product side seal rings extends into the vessel space. • Surfaces are smooth and the design minimizes gaps. to prevent dirty corners - thorough cleaning is possible. • Sealing abrasive... [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Location on Shaft: External
  • Seal Application: Agitator or Mixer
  • Shaft Diameter: 1.57 to 11.81
Double Mechanical Seal, Buffered -- DD
from Witte Pumps & Technology GmbH

The double mechanical seal with buffered fluid (DD) is suitable for a max. viscosity of 1.000 Pas, because the internal parts of the mechanical seal do not get in contact with the pumped fluid. All the internal parts are lubricated by the buffer fluid. The pressure on the suction side can be within... [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Single; Double
  • Operating Pressure: 218
  • Seal Application: Pump
  • Operating Temperature: 580
Asymmetric Face Seal, 76.93 -- Brand: Goetze®
from Federal-Mogul Corporation

Mechanical face seal type 76.93 are special designs (versions A and B) including inverted seal rings and designs specifically for applications with extreme mud impact. Industry Segments: Agriculture Machinery, Construction Vehicles & Equipment, Mining Equipment, Tunneling / Boring Machinery,... [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Seal Application: Pump; Marine Stern Tube; Various
  • Seal Design: Mechanical Face Seal
  • Shaft Diameter: 6.97 to 25.98
Dual Cartridge Seal -- Style 75P
from Flex-A-Seal, Inc.

Styles 73P and 75P. Dual Cartridge Seals. Environmental protection. Flex-A-Seal is a respected leader in the design and manufacture of dual cartridge seals for critical toxic and fugitive emission applications where single seals are not acceptable. The simple idea of a second layer of protection... [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Spring Element: Multi-spring
  • Seal Design: Pusher
  • Specialized Mounting: Cartridge
Mechanical Seals -- Type A Seal Head
from Hi-Tech Seals, Inc.

Mechanical Seals are meant to replace rope and braided packing. Mechanical Seals are used on rotating shafts (pump, compressors, etc). The product creates a seal when the two flat seal faces are pushed together by axial force from the closing mechanism and by product pressure in the seal chamber. [See More]

  • Mechanical Seal Type: Double
  • Spring Element: Single Spring
  • Seal Design: Metal Bellows
  • Specialized Mounting: Non-cartridge