Image Reject Mixer RF Mixers

5-30 GHz Image Reject Mixer in 5x5 mm Surface Mount Package -- AMMP-6530
from Broadcom Inc.

Features. 5x5 mm Surface Mount Package. Broad Frequency Range: 5-30 GHz LO and RF, DC-5 GHz IF. Low Conversion Loss: -8 dB. Complete Image Suppression: 20 dB. Simple DC Requirements: -1V, 0 mA. Good third Order Intercept of 18dB [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Image Reject Mixer
  • RF: 5000 to 30000
  • Package Type: Surface Mount
  • LO: 5000 to 30000
I/Q Mixer -- CMD182
from Custom MMIC

The CMD182 is a compact I/Q mixer die that can be used as either an image reject mixer or a single sideband upconverter. The CMD182 utilizes two double balanced mixer cells and a 90 degree hybrid. An external IF hybrid is needed to complete the image rejection. The CMD182 offers full passivation for... [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Single Balanced; Image Reject Mixer
  • LO: 6000 to 10000
  • Package Type: DIE
  • IF: 3500
Image Reject Harmonic Mixer -- 9804-XX
from Emhiser Research, Inc.

Features. ¨ Low Frequency LO. ¨ Image Reject Mixer. ¨ Low LO Power [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Image Reject Mixer
  • RF: 1.2 to 1600
  • Package Type: Plugin
  • LO: 1.2 to 1600
Image Reject Mixer -- Model MR181-1
from Spectrum Microwave

Spectrum Microwave draws upon an extensive design library and a talented staff of experienced microwave engineers with backgrounds in amplifiers, mixers, filters, Oscillators, Synthesizers and systems. The company now is a single organization focused on providing a wide range of microwave solutions. [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Image Reject Mixer
  • RF: 6000 to 18000
  • Package Type: Connectorized
  • LO: 6000 to 18000