Surface Mount Technology (SMT) RF Mixers

RF Mixers -- 1046-1021-1-ND [PE4140B-Z from pSemi]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Package Type: Surface Mount; 6-VDFN Exposed Pad
  • RF: 0.0 to 6000
RF Mixer -- CSM1-17 [CSM1-17 from MACOM]
from Richardson RFPD

The CSM1-17 is a double balanced mixer, designed for use in the high volume wireless applications. The design utilizes Schottky ring quad diodes and broadBand baluns to attain excellent performance. [See More]

  • Package Type: Surface Mount
  • LO: 10 to 1500
  • RF: 10 to 1500
  • IF: 1 to 500
1200 – 1700 MHz High Gain and Linearity Diversity Downconversion Mixer -- SKY73089-11
from Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

The SKY73089-11 is a fully integrated diversity mixer that includes Local Oscillator (LO) drivers, an LO switch, high linearity mixers, and large dynamic range Intermediate Frequency (IF) amplifiers. Low loss RF baluns have also been included to reduce design complications and lower system cost. The... [See More]

  • Package Type: Surface Mount
  • IF: 50 to 500
  • RF: 1200 to 1700
18-45GHz GaAs MMIC Sub-Harmonic Mixer in SMT Package -- AMMP-6545
from Broadcom Inc.

Avago ’s AMMP-6545 is an easy-to-use broadband sub-harmonic mixer, with the LO injected at half the frequency of that required by a conventional mixer. MMIC includes an 180 ° balanced diode based mixer. The MMIC is fabricated using PHEMT technology. The surface mount package allows... [See More]

  • Package Type: Surface Mount
  • LO: 9000 to 20000
  • RF: 18000 to 40000
  • IF: 0.0 to 3500
Double Balanced Mixer -- DMG10B
from Crane Aerospace & Electronics

1. The DMG-10B-300 Double Balanced Mixer covers the frequency range of 10 to 600 MHz using a Class III ring modulator with integral series RC networks. This yields a mixer with high third order intercept points over a wide range of LO power. 2. Merrimac offers a broad selection Double Balanced... [See More]

  • Package Type: Surface Mount
  • LO: 10 to 600
  • RF: 10 to 600
  • IF: 10 to 500
Fundamental Mixer -- CMD177C3
from Custom MMIC

The CMD177C3 is a general purpose double balanced mixer in a leadless surface mount package that can be used for up- and downconverting applications between 6 and 14 GHz. The CMD177C3 mixer MMIC has very high isolation to both the RF and IF ports due to the optimized balun structures, and can... [See More]

  • Package Type: Surface Mount
  • IF: 5000
  • LO: 6000 to 14000
  • LO Power: +13 dBm
Double Balanced Mixer -- MX61
from Emhiser Research, Inc.

Reliability. All units are designed and constructed to meet or exceed specifications after exposure to any or all of the following MIL-STD-202 tests which are applicable. [See More]

  • Package Type: Surface Mount
  • LO: 300 to 2000
  • RF: 300 to 2000
  • IF: 0.0 to 1000
Dual 3300 - 3800 MHz RF to IF Mixer -- F1178NBGI
from Integrated Device Technology

The IDT F1178 dual channel device operates with a single 5 V supply. It is optimized for operation in a Multicarrier BaseStation Receiver for RF bands from 3300 to 3800 MHz with High or Low Side Injection. IF frequencies from 20 to 550 MHz are supported. matching modifications. Nominally, the device... [See More]

  • Package Type: Surface Mount; VFQFPN
  • Intercept Point (IP3): 39
  • RF: 3300 to 3800
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 85
Double Balanced Mixer -- X2H-03 Series
from Pulsar Microwave Corporation

RoHS compliant, custom frequency bands & optimized specifications available [See More]

  • Package Type: Surface Mount; Connectorized (optional feature)
  • LO: 0.1000 to 500
  • RF: 0.1000 to 500
  • IF: 0.0 to 500
Double Balanced Mixer -- Model MR141H
from Spectrum Microwave

Spectrum Microwave draws upon an extensive design library and a talented staff of experienced microwave engineers with backgrounds in amplifiers, mixers, filters, Oscillators, Synthesizers and systems. The company now is a single organization focused on providing a wide range of microwave solutions. [See More]

  • Package Type: Surface Mount
  • LO: 2000 to 18000
  • RF: 2000 to 18000
  • IF: 1000