Rotary Dryer (Internal Drum) Process Dryers

Cooling Drum Flakers
from Hebeler Process Solutions

Cooling Drum Flakers. Efficiently solidify, flake, and recover 100% of product. Appropriate for edible oils, detergents, molten sulfur, polymers, and caustics. Built for continuous operation to ensure required quality and consistency of product. Drum flaking is the most efficient method for... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Rotary Dryer (Internal Drum); Roller / Flaker - Dryer
  • Secondary Capability: Cooling / Freezing
  • Applications / Materials Handled: Chemicals / Fertilizers; Foods / Grains; Pharmaceutical
  • Dryer Size / Materials of Construction: Standard Drum Sizes Range from 15.2 cm Diameter x 20.3 cm Long to 2.0 m Diameter x 5.0 m Long
Vacuum Rotary Dryer -- SK4000
from Jiangsu Sunkaier Industrial Technology Co., LTD

Rotary vacuum dryers offer clean, simple and effective method of drying wet cake, powder and even slurry. Labor and energy costs are minimal. compared to tray dryers and product losses during handling are also negligible. Additionally valuable organic solvents can be conveniently. condensed and... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Rotary Dryer (Internal Drum); Vacuum Dryer
  • Heat Source: Thermal Oil / Fluid; Steam
  • Applications / Materials Handled: Free Flowing Powders / Granules; Slurries
Rotary Dryer Modules
from HiTemp Technology Corporation

The rotary dryer systems can work on powders and sludge for removal of water, oil and solvents. Operating temperatures and process requirements determine sizing, heating methods and production capacity. Many applications may require tests to be performed to optimize system design. Connections are... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Rotary Dryer (Internal Drum); Screw / Auger Conveyor Dryer
  • Evaporation Rate: 110
  • Applications / Materials Handled: Waste / Sludge
  • Heat Source: Steam