Belt Conveyor Dryer Process Dryers Datasheets

DriTech™ Dryer
from Despatch - ITW EAE

The new Despatch DriTechTM Dryer introduces a unique hybrid heating. technology for the next generation in metallization drying performance. The dryer is designed to decouple the VOC removal and binder burn-of. for a more efcient drying process. A centrally located point-of-generation. thermal... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Belt Conveyor Dryer
  • Temperature: 752
  • Applications / Materials Handled: Pastes
  • Heat Source: Direct / Convection; Hybrid Heating Technology
Rapid Ambient Air Vial Dryer
from Precision Automation Co., Inc.

Our Rapid Ambient Air Vial Dryer reduces vial drying time by using an advected evaporative drying system. Vials need to be dried prior to labeling, inspection, or packaging, due to the condensation that forms when vials are moved from refrigerated storage into an ambient room. Normally vials in... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Belt Conveyor Dryer
  • Heat Source: Advected Evaporative Drying System
  • Applications / Materials Handled: Vials
Industrialized Stand-Alone Conveyorized Drying System
from Stoelting Cleaning Equipment

Stand-Alone Conveyorized Drying System can be integrated into a production line, operating in conjunction with virtually any conveyorized parts washer. Spray dryers use a unique high temperature/high flow air drying technology to dry the most complex parts. Standard Features. Stand-alone unit... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Belt Conveyor Dryer; Straight Pass Dryer
  • Heat Source: Waste Heat; Direct / Convection
  • Applications / Materials Handled: Electronics / Semiconductors
Low Noise Level Drying System -- LNL-03
from Air Control Industries Inc.

The ‘LNL ’ system is ACI ’s premium drying solution whereby both the centrifugal blower and the air delivery device(s) are completely housed within a robust stainless steel enclosure. This configuration protects the blower from spray contamination and attenuates noise levels well... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Belt Conveyor Dryer; Impingement Dryer; DRI-Line System
  • Heat Source: Direct / Convection
  • Applications / Materials Handled: Discrete Parts / Products; Bottles and Cans
  • Special Features: 2 x JetPlates
Can End Dryer
from International Thermal Systems LLC.

A variety of Dryers for can closure sealing compounds. End dryers dry the sealing compound on aluminum or steel can ends and caps for the 2 or 3 piece beverage, aerosol, and food can industries. End Dryer Ovens will accommodate a low temperature cure to eliminate a blistered compound on beverage and... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Belt Conveyor Dryer
  • Temperature: ? to 350
  • Applications / Materials Handled: Aluminum or Steel Can Ends
  • Heat Source: Combustion heating with oil, gas or other fuels (optional feature); Electric (optional feature)