Slurries Process Dryers Datasheets

Single Drum Dryers
from Buflovak LLC

Description. Drum dryers convert viscous liquids and pastes into dry powders, flakes, or sheets. Standard atmospheric model consists of a single heated drum supported on trunnions that turn in journal or roller type bearings. Feed materials are applied to drum with splash or dip devices, or with... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Pastes; Slurries; Solutions / Liquids
  • Heat Source: Indirect / Contact / Conduction
  • Equipment Type: Rotary Dryer (Internal Drum); Roller / Flaker - Dryer
  • Dryer Size / Materials of Construction: Standard Sizes as Large as 60" x 192" with 251 Square Feet of Drying Surface
Flash Dryer -- SKQL Series

SUNKAIER Flash Dryers are simple yet versatile in their design. Flash Dryers can be used for drying a variety of products, usually filter cakes. Slurries, when preconditioned, will also dry well on Flash Dryers. In a Flash Dryer wet material is dispersed into the drying air stream via one of many... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Free Flowing Powders / Granules; Slurries; Filter Cakes
  • Temperature: 2678
  • Equipment Type: Flash / Pneumatic Dryer
  • Feed Rate / Continuous Capacity: 20 to 66.67
PCX Dispersion Dryer
from Bepex International LLC

Ideal for high moisture and heat-sensitive feed materials. Intense mixing increases product surface area to ensure rapid evaporation for high drying efficiency. Compact design provides reduced footprint requirements. Customizable components, such as dispersion plates and multiple feed inlets are... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Pastes; Slurries
  • Equipment Type: Dispersion Dryer
Media Slurry Dryer
from Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.

Our media slurry dryer is a cost-effective drying method for the production of super fine powders from liquid phase reaction or wet grinding operations. With a compact design and efficient operations, our slurry dryer systems allow high viscosity materials to be pumped directly into dryer without... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Slurries; Abrasives / Ceramics; Mining / Ores / Minerals
Cylindrical Dryer -- 42C-1
from Charles Ross and Son Company

STANDARD FEATURES: • 1/2 through 515 cubic feet capacity. • Stainless steel wetted parts. • Ribbon agitator for center discharge. • Designed for atmospheric operation. • 80 grit finish on interior and exterior stainless steelsurfaces. • Two piece covers from 10 to 515... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Free Flowing Powders / Granules; Pastes; Slurries; Adhesives / Curing; Chemicals / Fertilizers; Suitable for drying paints or coatings; Pharmaceutical; Sanitary; Waste / Sludge
  • Secondary Capability: Moisturizing / Humidification (optional feature)
  • Equipment Type: Paddle / Agitator Dryer; Cylinder / Roll Dryer (External)
Vertical Cuttings Dryer
from GN Solids control Co., Ltd.

The GN Vertical Cutting Dryer uses centrifugal force to dry drilled solids in oil or synthetic base fluids. A stainless steel screen bowl traps “wet ” solids and accelerates them up 900RPM with G force to 420G or super high speed 1200RPM with G force to 750G. Liquid is forced through the... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Slurries; Drill Cuttings
  • Feed Rate / Continuous Capacity: 667 to 1667
Condry® Agitated Vacuum Dryer -- TDC 100
from Heinkel USA

TDC 25 - TDC 15000. Condry ® Agitated Vacuum Dryers. The Condry ® conical bottom agitated vacuum dryer was developed to process a wide variety of products. The machines have proven to be particularly suited for the drying of heat sensitive products and product with fragile crystal... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Free Flowing Powders / Granules; Slurries
  • Temperature: 14 to 304
  • Equipment Type: Paddle / Agitator Dryer; Vacuum Dryer; Pan Dryer
  • Energy Output / Consumption: Agitator Drive: 5.5 kW
Saturn Conical Screw Processor -- 100
from Jaygo, Inc.

Jaygo Saturn conical processors are used as mixers, blenders, homogenizers, reaction vessels, vacuum dryers and live storage hoppers. They are used in the following industries: Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics, Plastics and Rubber. Saturn Conical Screw Processors can be... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Free Flowing Powders / Granules; Fibers / Flakes; Slurries; Solutions / Liquids; Chemicals / Fertilizers; Foods / Grains; Pharmaceutical
  • Heat Source: Steam (optional feature)
  • Equipment Type: Vacuum Dryer
  • Secondary Capability: Agglomeration / Granulation; Classification / Screening; Coating