RF Cable Assemblies Datasheets

Low - Loss Cable -- Model SAC-18G
from A.H. Systems Inc.

Our Low-Loss High-Frequency flexible cables are the preferred choice over standard cable types. With improved power handling, low VSWR, and high frequency capabilities, the Low-Loss cables can be made to your specified length and delivered in two days. [See More]

  • Application: RF
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
  • Product Type: Patch
  • Cable Length: 9.84
Coax Cable Matcher, BNC, Female/Female -- FC200-R2
from Black Box

Coax Cable Matcher, BNC, Female/Female [See More]

  • Application: RF
  • Connector Type: BNC
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
Armored WorkHorse® Assemblies
from Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

The next generation of Armored WorkHorse ® coaxial assemblies is a proven and cost effective group of test assemblies. These ruggedized test cables were specifically designed for use in high volume production environments, where strenuous flexing and numerous mating cycles quickly destroy... [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation and Control; RF
  • Cable Shielding: Foil
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
  • Gender: Male-Male
Coaxial Cables (RF) -- 0734120500-ND [0734120500 from Molex]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Application: RF
  • Cable Length: 0.1378
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
  • Connector Type: Ultra Miniature Coaxial Plug, Female Socket, Right Angle
RG174 Coaxial Cable Reverse Polarized SMA M-F 10.0 ft -- CC174RP-10 [CC174RP-10 from L-com, Inc.]
from Heilind Electronics, Inc.

In situations that require an extension cable to relocate a wireless LAN antenna these are the cables you need. FCC part 15.203 dictates the need for a non standard interface to be used for connectors designed for use on spread spectrum wireless devices. These coaxial cable assemblies feature a... [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation and Control; Computer; Medical; RF
  • Cable Shielding: Foil
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
  • Cable Length: 10
Corrugated Coaxial Cable - Low Attenuation -- Type SUCOFEED_1_5/8_LA_A - 84020866

RF Coaxial Cables [See More]

  • Application: RF
  • Standards / Certifications: RoHS
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
  • Rated Temperature: -55 to 85
Precision Coaxial Cable, 0.6 m, K-Type Male to N-Type Female -- 781610-01
from National Instruments

National Instruments offers precision coaxial cables for RF and microwave test systems in varying lengths with SMA, K, and N connector types. [See More]

  • Application: RF
  • Connector Type: K-Type, N-Type
  • Cable Length: 1.97
  • Gender: Male-Female
RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies
from Rego Electronics Inc.

Rego is capable of unlimited design and verification of the Mechanical and PCB design, Electrical design, Signal Integrity Analysis, EMC and Heat Sink knowledge. Our production is 100% System Integrated, tested with ATE machines and all test data are saved and backed up. Rego offers the high speed... [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation and Control; Networking; RF; Wireless infrastructure, Broadband, Wireless Local Area Networking, Industrial Handheld Device, Surveillance, Video Transmission
  • Connector Type: BNC; Micro Coax, BNC, SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX, and MMCX connectors assembled with various sizes of coaxial cables and micro coaxial cables
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
RF Coaxial Cable -- 12548127 [12548127 from HUBER+SUHNER AG]
from Richardson RFPD

Richardson RFPD, an Arrow Company, is a specialized electronic component distributor providing design engineers with deep technical expertise and localized global design support for the latest new products from the world's leading suppliers of RF, Wireless, Energy and Power Technologies. [See More]

  • Application: RF
Coaxial Cable -- 8120-4781
from ValueTronics International, Inc.

The 8120-4781 is a coaxial cable from Agilent. Additional Features: Length: 24". Type: N Male to Male. 610mm. 50 Ohm. The Agilent 8120-4781 is an RF Cable (for verifying HP 8753E Option 011 and HP 8753ES Option 011). [See More]

  • Application: RF
  • Cable Type: Coaxial; Triaxial
Value Added Cable Assemblies
from Amphenol Aerospace Corporation

With over 100K Sq. Ft. of cable manufacturing space, and multiple locations in North America and Asia, Amphenol Aerospace has diverse capabilities to design and manufacture harsh environment cable assemblies. Our engineers have over 40 years experience designing cables and harnesses to a wide. [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation and Control (optional feature); LAN / Ethernet (optional feature); Networking (optional feature); RF (optional feature); Telecommunications (optional feature)
  • Cable Type: Multi-Signal/Composite (optional feature); Twisted Pair (optional feature)
  • Product Type: Serial; USB (optional feature)
  • Standards / Certifications: MIL-SPEC
RF Cable Assemblies
from Delphi Automotive LLP

Delphi's RF Cable Assemblies are robust and reliable and assembled using state-of-the-art manufacturing systems. Delphi utilizes lean processes with flexible manufacturing cells that allow high volume/low mixes and low volume/high mixes. Delphi also offers extensive experience in transportation... [See More]

  • Application: Automotive; RF
  • Connector Type: BNC (optional feature); KAKRA, Mini-UHF
Triaxial Cable -- 39033
from James Monroe Wire and Cable Corporation

Application: For use in Elevator Installations in accordance with. Article 620 of the NFPA 70 “National Electric Code ”. Features: Flexible Copper Conductors. VW-1 / FT1 Rated. Jute Core & Overall Synthetic Braid. Optional Shielded Pairs. Cable Construction: Flexible Bunch Stranded... [See More]

  • Application: Audio; RF; Telecommunications; Radar, NAV Systems
  • Cable Shielding: Braid
  • Cable Type: Triaxial
  • Standards / Certifications: MIL-SPEC; MIL-C-17
78 Ohm Twinaxial Cable, Twin BNC Male / Male, 1.0 ft -- CTC-1
from L-com, Inc.

This Twin BNC Cable Series accommodates the need for low level signal patching and balanced line applications found in many test situations. Fittings have polarized, stepped keyways that look like, but do not mate with traditional BNC coaxial connectors. These Twin BNC connectors are constructed of... [See More]

  • Application: Instrumentation and Control; Computer; Medical; RF
  • Cable Shielding: Foil
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
  • Cable Length: 1
7/16 DIN MALE TO 7/16 DIN MALE -- RF-04R04-12
from MilesTek Corporation

7/16 DIN MALE TO 7/16 DIN MALE, 50 Ohm, RG393/U Double Shielded, 12-inch Coax Cable Assembly [See More]

  • Application: LAN / Ethernet; Networking; RF
  • Cable Length: 1
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
  • Connector Type: DIN / Mini-DIN; 7/16 DIN
Banana’s to Dual Banana Lead -- BU-7020-B-24-0
from Mueller Electric Company

Overmolded dual banana, individual banana ’s and Y-block. 24 ″ long, Black Dual Banana [See More]

  • Application: RF
  • Cable Length: 2
  • Product Type: Patch
  • Connector Type: Banana
Precision High-Flex Unsleeved Coaxial Cable
from Pico Technology

Since 1991 we have been supplying the world with test and measurement equipment. At Pico we realize that your choice of test accessories can be almost as important as your choice of test equipment. Here you can purchase a variety of test and measurement accessories quickly and securely online. [See More]

  • Application: RF
  • Cable Length: 1.97
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
  • Gender: Male-Male
100ft 75 Ohm BNC Cable -- 2207-40032-100
from Quiktron, Inc.

A high quality BNC cable for video applications including CCTV, broadcast, studio, boardroom presentations, home theater, etc. Manufactured from 75 Ohm RG59/U dual shield coax cable (60% copper braid over foil) with a 22 AWG copper-covered steel center conductor. Finished with bright nickel-plated... [See More]

  • Application: RF
  • Connector Type: BNC
  • Cable Length: 100
RF Cable Assembly -- 1-1818-524-WH09 [1-1818-524-WH09 from Carlisle Interconnect Technologies]
from RFMW Ltd.

TYPE N (M) TO TYPE N (M) ON 524 CABLE, 108 INCHES [See More]

  • Application: RF
  • Connector Type: N Male
  • Cable Length: 0.7500
Complete Integrated Interconnect Cable Assemblies
from Smiths Connectors

High Precision Contact Manufacturing and Connector Assembly. Hypertac core technology, the legendary Hypertac. contact technology, ranges in amperage from one to 500 Amps, and are available various sizes and configurations. Hypertac designs complete connector systems through a wide range of... [See More]

  • Application: Automotive (optional feature); Medical (optional feature); RF (optional feature); Space
  • Cable Type: Coaxial (optional feature)
  • Product Type: RF, Signal, High Power
  • Cable Shielding: EMI and RFI Shielding
RF Coaxial Cable -- Cintru® 240
from TRU Corporation

cintru ® low loss and superior shielded cable assemblies. Land mobile radio and wireless applications. Cost-effective 50 ohm coaxial solution. Operation to 6 GHz. Closed micro-cell foam dielectric for superior bend performance and protection against moisture migration into the dielectric. [See More]

  • Application: RF; Telecommunications
  • Cable Shielding: Braid
  • Cable Type: Coaxial
  • Connector Type: BMA, SMA, TNC, N