Steel Vacuum Chambers and Components

X-Vac Chamber™ Portable Steel Vacuum Chamber
from Hapco, Inc.

The X-Vac Chamber ™ is a portable, custom fabricated, steel vacuum chamber, ergonomically designed for the degassing of Hapco's liquid products. Removing air from individual and mixed components is an important, sometimes essential part of the casting process. Two component materials should be... [See More]

  • Chamber Material: Steel
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Chamber / Component Type: Custom or Special
  • Vacuum / Pressure Range: (HV, < 10-3, >10-8 torr)
High-Capacity Vacuum Chamber -- 3404-03
from Terra Universal, Inc.

28"-diameter x 48"-long (711 mm x 1219 mm) chamber provides ample processing space for degassing large assemblies. 0.375" (10 mm)-thick powder-coated steel chamber with 1" (25 mm)-thick aluminum door supports vacuum to 29.9" Hg. 1" (25 mm)-thick polycarbonate viewing window allows convenient viewing... [See More]

  • Chamber Material: Aluminum; Stainless Steel (optional feature); Steel; Aluminum door; Teflon lining available
  • Shape: Cylindrical; Size, shape can be customized
  • Chamber / Component Type: Custom or Special (optional feature); Glovebox or Weld Chamber (optional feature); Degassing Box; Base or Service Well (optional feature); Baseplate (optional feature); Feedthrough Collar (optional feature); Load Lock (optional feature); Surface Analysis or Universal (optional feature)
  • Vacuum / Pressure Range: Low or Roughing Vacuum (> 1 torr); Low / Medium (HV < 1 torr, >10-3 torr); Elevated or Positive Pressures (> 760 torr) (optional feature)