Electrostatic Precipitators Mist Collectors and Fume Collectors Datasheets

Item # C3-108H3, C3-Commercial Standard Precipitators - 27 Ton Unit
from Universal Air & Gas Products Corp.

Commercial Standard Precipitators - Model Series: C3 (In-Duct, Integral Spray Wash) - 9 Ton Through 27 Ton Units. C-series: Commercial and industrial, in-duct designs use identical housing or cabinet structures made of galvanized steel to support the cells installed within them. The galvanized... [See More]

  • Filter Type: Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Collector Type: Stationary Unit
  • Unit Type: MistCollector; Fume/Smoke
  • Airflow: 10800
PCN Portable ESP Collector -- PCN
from United Air Specialists, Inc.

The Smog-Hog PCN mist collector eliminates welding smoke and other metal oxide fumes from employees ’ working zones. Situated inside a factory, this portable electrostatic air cleaner can easily move to reach all areas of your factory. This unit is ideal for situations where large hoods are... [See More]

  • Filter Type: Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Collector Type: Source Collector
  • Unit Type: MistCollector; Fume/Smoke
  • Applications: Coolant / Oil Mist; General Cleaning; Toxic Media; Welding Fumes
Ionizing Particulate Scrubber -- CeilClean IPS
from Verantis

Vertical Configuration - High velocity ionization section offers optimal throughput in the least amount of space. Retrofit Ready - Modular design allows ionization section to be retrofitted to existing scrubbers to meet new particulate removal requirements. Tellerette ® Collection - Allows for... [See More]

  • Filter Type: Electrostatic Precipitators; Packed Bed / Column; Image Force Attraction
  • Collector Type: Stationary Unit
  • Unit Type: Fume/Smoke
  • Applications: Toxic Media