Current Noncontact Infrared Temperature Sensors Datasheets

Sekidenko MXE High-Speed Pyrometer
from Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

High-speed measurement for precise control in dynamic processes. The Sekidenko MXE pyrometer combines speed and precision, enabling accurate, non-contact, repeatable measurement and control of demanding applications. Its high-speed (up to 10 kHz) performance is ideal for processes with moving... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current; Voltage
  • % of Reading: 0.5000
  • % of Reading: 1
  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
Aluminium Die Preheat Thermometer -- ADT
from AMETEK Land

The Aluminium Die Thermometer (ADT) is designed specifically to provide temperature measurement of the die prior to being loaded into the press. [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current
  • % of Reading: 0.2500
  • Temperature Range: 572 to 2012
  • Degrees: 2
High Temperature Gas & Liquid Measurement Module - Sterilization Temperature Resistant
from Electro Optical Components, Inc.

Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH produces high performance thermopile detectors as well as pyroelectric infrared detectors and IR sources (Micro-Hybrid IR Components Catalog). View the Micro-Hybrid video at the bottom of this page detailing their history and capabilities. Detectors that measure... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current; Voltage; Serial; Other
  • Response Time: 30000
  • Temperature Range: -13 to 374
  • Detectivity: 1.11
thermoMETER CS Compact Infrared Sensor -- CSmi-SF15-C1
from Micro-Epsilon Group

Measuring range from -40 to 1600 °C. Up to 125 °C ambient temperature without cooling. 8...14 μm spectrum or short wavelength model with 1.6 μm. Fast response time from 10 ... 150ms. Extreme high resolution model HS with 25mK NEDT [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current; Serial (optional feature)
  • % of Reading: 1.5
  • Temperature Range: -4 to 662
  • Degrees: 2.7
4-wire Infrared Temperature Transmitter -- OS1551
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The OS1551-A and OS1552-A have an exceptionally fast time constant of 10 msec (0 to 63.2%), which makes them ideal for use in fast changing processes or to capture quick temperature changes. They are compatible with any of NEWPORT ’s process control instrumentation such as meters or... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current
  • % of Reading: 1
  • Temperature Range: 32 to 1022
  • Degrees: 3
Cellular Temperature Monitoring Kit
from Anaren, Inc.

Need to remotely monitor the temperature of a refrigerator or other temperature-critical asset? Even better, want the results to be sent automatically to a designated cell phone and a cloud server for easy reporting? The Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring Kit (standard) is just the ticket! For... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current; Voltage
  • Operating Temperature: -67 to 257
  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
Linearized Infrared Temperature Sensor -- SmartIRt/c.20
from Exergen Corp.

Plug and play, linearized, precise accuracy, with integral design which eliminates thermal drift. No leakage current, impedance, or cold junction compensation to worry about. [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current; Voltage; Serial
  • % of Reading: 1.5
  • Temperature Range: 0 to 500
  • Degrees: 1.5
BA Series -- BA-06TA
from HTM Sensors

Air purge collar used to keep dust and moisture away from lens, aluminum [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current
  • % of Reading: 1
  • Temperature Range: -4 to 968
  • Spectral Range: 8 to 14
from InfraTec Infrared LLC

Pyroelectric IR detector with integrated ø1.9mm micromachined tunable Fabry-Perot filter. Tuning range 3.0 ... 4.1µm, spectral bandwidth 80nm, low spring stiffness, pyroelectric element area 2.0x2.0mm ² thermal compensation, ultra low microphonic effect, current mode operation with advanced... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current
  • Response Time: 150
  • Spectral Range: 3 to 4.1
  • Responsivity: 2.2
Infrared Thermometer -- SR Series
from Ircon, Inc.

The SR Series infrared thermometer is a two-color infrared thermometer protected from dust and spray by a NEMA 4 (IP66) rated casting. This pyrometer is ideally suitable for high temperature measurements and a good choice for molten metal, wire and rod forming, vacuum furnaces, induction heating and... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current; Voltage
  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Temperature Range: 1300 to 6500
  • Technology: Optical Pyrometer
Infraducer Series 200 -- MI-N200
from Mikron Infrared Inc.

Digital pyrometer w/ analog output (2 wire form) and service interface [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current
  • % of Reading: 1
  • Temperature Range: -26 to 1652
  • Degrees: 1.8
Thermopile Infrared (IR) Module -- TSEV0108L39
from TE Connectivity – Sensors

TE Connectivity is a leader in the design and manufacture of NTC thermistors, RTDs, thermocouples, thermopiles, digital output and customized sensor assemblies. Building on our long standing experience, we offer solutions for a wide range of temperature measurement, control and compensation... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current; Serial
  • Category: Sensor/Transducer
  • Temperature Range: 68 to 248
  • Technology: Thermal Pyrometer / Detector (Thermocouple / Thermopile)
Noncontact Infrared Temperature Measurement System - NCIT-LC Plus Series
from Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

The NCIT-LC Plus is a versatile two-piece system with a miniature sensing head and separate electronics. The sensor is small enough to be installed just about anywhere, yet it performs as well as much larger systems. The sensor is housed in rugged stainless steel to ensure long- term performance,... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current (optional feature); Voltage (optional feature)
  • % of Reading: 1
  • Temperature Range: 0 to 1000
  • Degrees: 2.5
Infrared Sensor -- Raytek GP
from Watlow®

Watlow offers a selection of Raytek ® infrared temperature sensors. These sensors have the ability to measure the temperature in fast-moving processes quickly and efficiently in various manufacturing applications. These sensors measure the temperature of a product directly, instead of the oven... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current
  • % of Reading: 1
  • Temperature Range: -0 to 1000
  • Degrees: 2