Bottle Adhesive Dispensing Equipment Datasheets

LOCTITE 250ml Hand Pump
from Henkel Corporation - Industrial

The 250 ml. Bottle Hand Pump is a hand-held bottle-top applicator that mounts easily on any Loctite ® 250 ml bottle. It will not leak regardless of the orientation of the bottle which minimizes waste and converts the product package into a portable dispenser. Dispenses single shots of Loctite... [See More]

  • Dispensed From: Bottle; GunHandle
Syringes -- Han-D-Spenser
from Cammda Corporation

The Han-D-Spenser ™ is a 2oz. hand held squeeze bottle dispenser that provides an economical approach for applying low to medium viscosity liquids quickly, cleanly and accurately. For accurate placement of liquids at low cost try the CAMMDA Han-D-Spenser ™. We also provide a ½... [See More]

  • Dispensed From: Bottle
  • Dispensing Application: Bead
  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Mounting: HandHeld
Single Acting Meter, Mix and Dispense System -- Model 860-5
from EXACT Dispensing Systems

Designed for production dispensing of two part reactive resin formulations, including those with abrasive fillers. This Model 860-5 can be fed either by cartridges, pumps, or pressurized reservoirs. the System can deliver up to 9.8 fluid ounces per stroke from its honed metering cylinders. A full... [See More]

  • Dispensed From: Barrel / Syringe; Bottle; CanPail
  • Container Size: 177 to 18927
  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Mix, Meter and Dispense
  • Shot Size: 290
Autosealer -- 2600
from Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.

Dispense direct from containers including 50- ml, 250-ml, 850-ml, and 1-liter [See More]

  • Dispensed From: Bottle
  • Container Size: 50 to 250
  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Dispensing Application: Bead; Dot