Steel Hinges (industrial) Datasheets

Concealed Door Removal Hinges -- F6-1 [F6-1 from Southco]
from bisco industries

Material : Steel, Strength Rating : 4, Class : F6 - Concealed Door Removal Hinges [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Steel
  • Hinge Type: Concealed
Hinge St -- 0.0.373.82
from item America, LLC

Universal lightweight hinge for doors and lids. Can be mounted on the inside or outside of the door (when mounted on the inside it cannot be unscrewed). The panel element (door) can be swung around 180 °. The slots allow the hinge to be adjusted and used for Lines 5 to 8. [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Steel (Steel)
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Strap
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.0787
from RS Components, Ltd.

Small, standard hinges, known as American Type. Available in steel and grade 304 stainless steel. Material = Steel. Hinge Type = Square. Length = 40mm. Width = 40mm. Thickness = 2mm. Pin Style = Riveted. Finish = Raw [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Steel
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.0787
  • Hinge Type: Square
  • Length: 1.57
Alligator® Ready Set™ Staple Fastener -- RS125J24/600NC [RS125J24/600NC from FLEXCO]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

#125 Steel Fastener w/Nylon Covered Steel Hinge Pin" a 24" Width; Belt Thickness Range of 1/8"-3/16"; 3" Minimum Pulley Diameter [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Steel (Steel)
  • Hinge Type: Staple Fastener System
Series Lift Mechanical Lift Hinge Kit -- LIFT-ULHP/LIFT-LLHP
from Brookfield Industries, Inc.

Mechanical Lift Hinge Kit for Doors weighing up to 500 lbs. For use on personnel size acoustical doors that require enhanced sealing characteristics by compressing the seal against the frame and threshold. The Lifting action provides. A full mortise (2) hinge kit comprised of: (1) LIFTU-(LH/RH)P... [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Steel
  • Length: 5
  • Hinge Type: Lift Hinge
  • Open Width: 5.75
Hinge -- 1-5869-X
from Eberhard Mfg. Company

Removable hinge pin [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Steel (Steel)
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Strap (Unequal Leaves)
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1300
120 deg Concealed Hinge -- 1031-U1
from EMKA Incorporated

For 25mm return door, screw and weld-on, stainless version is 1031-U2 [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Steel; Stainless Steel (optional feature); Zinc Plated
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Concealed; Overlay; Pin; Weld-on (optional feature)
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1000
Concealed Hinge -- NHPS9290
from H.A. Guden Co., Inc.

Guden's standard concealed hinges are available in type 1008-1010 plain steel, type 304 stainless steel, and type 5052-H34 Aluminum. Aluminum hinges have type 303 stainless pins. Call for detailed drawings and samples. [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Steel
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Concealed; SOSS, Invisible, Hidden
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.0750
Butt Hinges -- SBH03101009
from Hoffman Hinge and Hardware, LLC


  • Leaf Material: Steel
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.0350
  • Hinge Type: Butt
  • Length: 1
Metal Hinge -- 095590S
from Magnus Mobility Systems, Inc.

Magnus has chosen to partner with Fath, Inc. as its supplier of hinges, fittings, leveling feet, t-slot nuts, and other accessories for aluminum profile systems. Fath manufacturers no fewer than 147 versions of combi-hinges, standard with a stainless steel central pin, even more when you consider... [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Steel
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Butt
  • Hole Type: Round
Butt Hinge
from Monroe Engineering

Loose Joint Butt. Knuckle pattern as shown. Not staked. Butt, LJ, .075 x 1.875 x 2.50 PS, .187, no holes [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Aluminum (optional feature); Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature) (Brass Pin (optional feature), SS Pin (optional feature))
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Butt
  • Material Finish: Anodized, Painted or Commercial Plated
4040 Square Corner Hinge -- 4040
from Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Square corner rear door hinge. All steel, this hinge allows door to swing 270 º for full opening. Supplied with non-removable pin. (Removable pin also available). Universal for right or left hand doors. Available Flush to 1/2" Offset. Bracket - 8 ga x 5" x 4-1/2" Wide. Strap - 8 ga x 1-3/4" x... [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Steel
  • Material Finish: Zinc plated
  • Pin Diameter: 0.5000
Concealed Hinge -- H95TSH
from Sugatsune America, Inc.

95 degree opening concealed hinge. Door opens without interfering side cabinets. Ideal when 2 doors are close together. Snap-on feature allows easy door installation/removal [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Steel
  • Direction: Reversible
  • Hinge Type: Concealed (Unequal Leaves)
  • Length: 3.33
Butt Hinges -- B1225-1
from Velko Hinge, Inc.

Plain service type flat back hinges (welding butts) loose or tight pins. Hinges are available in Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Swage. Unequal leaves. Forms or bends. Hole punching. Cut-outs, etc. Loose or tight pins. VELKO is able to produce special "Butts" to your drawing or specifications. [See More]

  • Leaf Material: Aluminum; Steel; Stainless Steel
  • Leaf Thickness: 0.1200
  • Hinge Type: Butt
  • Length: 3