Multi-colored Plastic Tubing Datasheets

Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) Tubing -- ALTAFLUOR 200® 200-0062-015-XX
from Altaflo

ALTAFLUOR 200 ® FEP Tubing & Pipe. FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) tubing is an economical choice for tubing applications requiring chemical resistance in combination with broad temperature exposure. ALTAFLUOR 200 FEP tubing and pipe offer excellent clarity which makes them ideal for... [See More]

  • Color / Clarity: Clear; Translucent; Solid (optional feature); Multi (optional feature)
  • Design Units: English
  • Material: Fluoropolymer; AltaFluor®; FEP
  • Outside Diameter: 0.059 to 0.066
4928637 [1420U04 41 from Legris, Inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Flexible polyurethane twin-tubing which maintains a smooth surface to both tubes when separated. Ideal for differentiation of circuits via two colours (black and blue). Allows complex pneumatic circuits to be contained within a smaller space. Manufacturer Series = 1420U. Number of Tubes = 2. Colour... [See More]

  • Color / Clarity: Multi
  • Outside Diameter: 0.157
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Inside Diameter: 0.098
Streamliner™ XT
from Zeus

Zeus ’ Sub-Lite-Wall ® tubing is our family of extremely thin walled extrusions with wall thicknesses 0.005" (0.127 mm) and below. Our new PTFE Sub-Lite-Wall ® StreamLiner ™ series is the latest breakthrough in our already best-inclass catheter liner wall thickness. This product... [See More]

  • Color / Clarity: Multi
  • Design Units: English
  • Material: Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • Inside Diameter: 0.017 to 0.040
Fluoropolymers (PTFE, PFA, FEP) Chemical Resistant Tubing -- FEP-chem
from Grayline, Inc.

Grayline offers chemical resistant tubing in a variety of polymer materials and constructions. Care must be taken when selecting a tubing product because each material offers its own unique set of chemical resistant properties. Our engineers are ready and willing to work with our polymer compounders... [See More]

  • Color / Clarity: Translucent; Multi
  • Application: General Chemical
  • Temperature Range: -99 to 399
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC4-125-M
from Pneumadyne, Inc.

Multiple Color Ribbon (MCR) color codes your tubing lines. Great for identification, tracing or trouble shooting, this tubing will withstand the rigors of flexing and rough handling. A unique heat bonding process allows you to easily hand separate the tubing for routing. [See More]

  • Color / Clarity: Translucent; Solid; Multi
  • Design Units: English
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Outside Diameter: 0.125