Liquid / Solution Catalysts and Initiators Datasheets

Propylene Glycol -- Regular Grade (DPG)
from Dow Polyurethanes

Dipropylene Glycol Regular Grade (DPG) is used as a reactive intermediate in the manufacturing of high-performance unsaturated polyester resins, polyurethanes and plasticizers. DPG from Dow has great solvency, a low evaporation rate, low toxicity, high viscosity and low odor, making it a chemical... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids; Organic / Polymer
  • Applications: Coatings or Paint; Urethanes, Hydraulic Brake Fluid, Waxes
  • Function: Initiator
from Henkel Corporation - Industrial

Known as Loctite 7109 Tak Pak II Accelerator ). LOCTITE SF 7109 ACTIVATOR increases cure speed of Loctite ® instant adhesive. Non-flammable and non-combustible. Excellent for cosmetic applications, for clear and transparent adhesive beads or fillets. On-part life of 1 minute. Perfluocarbon... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids
  • Applications: Adhesives or Sealants
  • Function: Reaction Accelerator
Hold Catalyst
from Pittsburgh Corning (FOAMGLAS® insulation)

A solution which is applied by a suitable small sprayer to accelerate the cure of PC ® 88 adhesive. It provides a quick set and helps reduce or eliminate the time needed for temporary support in unsupported or overhead applications. It can also be used to help with fabrication of insulation... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids; Organometallic
  • Applications: Adhesives or Sealants
  • Function: Catalyst
Corothane® I KA Accelerator (for mcu's)
from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings

Corothane I KA Accelerator is designed for use in select Sherwin-Williams' Corothane I Moisture Cure Urethanes to enhance drying times. Use up to 4 oz of KA Accelerator to 1 gallon of Corothane I MCU. Add Corothane I KA Accelerator when initially agitating the coating. [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids
  • Applications: Coatings or Paint
  • Function: Reaction Accelerator
Polymer Processing Additive -- 3M™ Dynamar™
from 3M Advanced Materials Division

For many years, 3M ™ Dynamar ™ Polymer Processing Additives have helped manufacturers improve both quality and output for a variety of extruded products – from the plastic bottles and bags in your cupboard to construction materials like pipe, cable and even artificial grass. [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids; Powders; Bulk Solids or Granules
  • Applications: Elastomers / Rubbers; Plastics / Composites
  • Function: Catalyst; Crosslinker; Curing Agent / Hardener; Reaction Accelerator
Accelerator for Addition Cure Elastomers -- Bluesil PT ACC
from Bluestar Silicones USA Corp.

Properties. Viscosity 50. Description. an accelerator for platinum cure, polyaddition silicone moldmaking compounds. It can be used with many of Bluestar Silicones addition cure products to customize the de-mold time to as short as 2 hours, allowing multiple molds to be made each day per master. [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids; Colloid / Dispersion
  • Applications: Elastomers / Rubbers
  • Function: Curing Agent / Hardener
Hardener -- 10-3004
from Epoxies Etc...

Low viscosity, clear unfilled convenient 1:1 mix ratio epoxy. Non-hazardous and safe to use. End user can easily adjust flexibility. [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids; Organic / Polymer
  • Applications: Adhesives or Sealants
  • Function: Catalyst; Curing Agent / Hardener
EF® Accelerator -- 33
from Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.

Non-CFC solvent based Instantbond and Quantum ® adhesive accelerator [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids
  • Applications: Adhesives or Sealants
  • Function: Reaction Accelerator
Earth Juice Catalyst, 1 gal -- HOJ01301
from Hydrofarm, Inc.

Electrifying! Since 1991 the #1 additive for Hydroponics and soil gardeners world wide. A natural-organic molasses-kelp based liquid nutrient that aids plant growth and production. To be used as part of a complete fertilization program through all stages of plant development. Also functions as an... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids; Powders
  • Function: Catalyst
Rieke® Magnesium -- 1005
from Rieke Metals, Inc.

2.5 grams of Rieke ® Magnesium in 100mL of THF [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids; 2.5g Rieke® Magnesium in 100 mL THF
  • Function: Catalyst
Crosslinking Coagents
from Sartomer USA, LLC

Peroxide curing of elastomers is an alternative to sulfur vulcanization that offers superior heat-aged performance. Curing with peroxide alone, however, is inferior to sulfur vulcanization in areas such as wear resistance and dynamic properties. The addition of crosslinking coagents with the... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids; Organic / Polymer
  • Applications: Adhesives or Sealants; Coatings or Paint; Plastics / Composites
  • Function: Crosslinker; Curing Agent / Hardener
DENARASE Endonuclease
from Sartorius Group

DENARASE is a highly active endonuclease derived from Serratia marcescens. This enzyme is well known for its combined RNase and DNase activity and is therefore used in many large-scale bioprocesses. DNA can cause high viscosity in bioprocesses and often interacts with the target product, resulting... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids
  • Applications: Bioprocesses
  • Function: Catalyst
from Struktol Company of America

Elastomer modified epoxy prepolymer, nitrile rubber modified epoxy [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids; Organic / Polymer
  • Applications: Elastomers / Rubbers; Plastics / Composites
  • Function: Crosslinker (optional feature)
Instant Bond Activator -- 6311
from Titebond

Titebond Instant Bond is a two-part bonding system that takes between 5 - 15 seconds to set and 30 - 60 seconds for initial cure. It provides a strong, permanent bond and is ideal for hard to reach joints or surface areas that are difficult to clamp. Designed primarily for wood and wood products,... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids
  • Applications: Adhesives or Sealants
  • Function: Reaction Accelerator
Analytical Standards and Reagents
from Waters Corporation

Quality standards and reagents you require, provided for your convenienceWaters understands that standards and reagents are a vital component for achieving optimal performance and compliance using analytical instrumentation. The technical and regulatory requirements for preparation, documentation... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids