Specialized or Other Metal Ring Seals Datasheets

AS1895 Standard Seals
from JETSEAL, Inc.

JETSEAL ’s AS1895 metal seal rings meet or exceed OEM specifications. JETSEAL is an industry leader in resilient metal seals providing sealing solutions for aircraft, space, and other industries demanding absolute dependability in quality, reliability, and performance. Safety is the most... [See More]

  • Seal Type: AS1895
  • Application / Industry: Aerospace
  • Shape: Round
Temper Seals
from Temper Corporation

Temper offers a wide range of roll formed single and multi-convolute form spring seals for use at temperatures up to 2000°F. In addition we offer small, precision-machined sealing gaskets of high performance metals such as Inconel® with soft plated gold and silver coatings to assure leak free... [See More]

  • Seal Type: Spring-Energized; Roll formed single and multi-convolute form spring seals
  • Application / Industry: Oil/Gas; MIL_SPEC; Nuclear
  • Temperature: 2000