Toroidal / Window Current Transformers Datasheets

Standard Current Transformers With 0-5 Amp Output -- CTD Series Up to 1600 Amps
from CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components

Bus-bar type current transformer. 0.5 class, currents from 150 to 1600 A. Removable panel fixing clips. Up to 6 Bus-bar isolated fixing screws. Double screw terminals (up to 8-wire connections). Sealable terminal block covers. Cable/Bus-bar type current transformer with DIN-rail/busbar and panel... [See More]

  • Type / Applications: Toroidal; Bar Type
  • Secondary Current: 1 to 5
  • Primary current: 150 to 1600
  • Frequency: 0.0450 to 0.0650
7721212 [5SV8700-0KK from Siemens Corporation]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Residual current monitors (RCMs) perform a wide range of functions for protecting people and machine, they enable the detection of system malfunctions and facilatate troubleshooting before the protective device is switched off, which increases plant and operating safety, and cuts costs. These... [See More]

  • Type / Applications: Toroidal
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to 50
ELR – Core Balance Current Transformer - CBCT Series
from Sifam Tinsley UK

Earth Leakage Relay Core Balance Current Transformer (CBCT) from SIfam Tinsley. Features. • Slim design. • Encapsulated CBCT. • Compact in size. • Light in weight [See More]

  • Type / Applications: Toroidal; Electronics; Noncontact
  • Operating Temperature: 10 to 55
  • Primary current: 30
Bushing Current Transformer -- HW Series
from ABB Power Products/Power Systems

The HW-945 is a pre-assembled array of two to five GCTs. The GCT-848 indoor/outdoor, board-mounted generator current transformer is a 600 volt, 10 kV BIL rated unit and designed to fit over a variety of specified bushing sizes. The insulation of the bushing provides the dielectric protection for the... [See More]

  • Type / Applications: ANSI; Toroidal; Bushing
  • Primary current: 25000 to 50000
  • Features: Outdoor Use
  • Secondary Current: 1 to 5
High Frequency Current Transformer -- 5600
from Amecon, Inc.

Built to UL, MIL or any other specification required [See More]

  • Type / Applications: Toroidal; PC Mount Type
  • Primary current: 3
  • Features: Military (optional feature)
  • Frequency: 20 to 100
CR Magnetics Current Transducer -- CS10-L
from Campbell Scientific, Inc.

The CS10 uses CR Magnetic's CR8459 Current Transformer to measure the approximate current over a range of 0 to 200 Amps. The CS10 outputs a millivolt signal allowing the transducer to be directly connected to the CR510, CR10X, or CR23X dataloggers. The CS10-L is intended for lower-accuracy... [See More]

  • Type / Applications: Toroidal
  • Frequency: 0.0500 to 0.0600
  • Primary current: 0.1500 to 200
  • Insulation Voltage: 500
Current Transformer -- 2RL
from Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.

Current Ratio: 50:5 - 400:5 A Current Rating:100A Features: 1.05" Mounting Type:Donut Series:2 RoHS Compliant [See More]

  • Type / Applications: Toroidal
  • Frequency: 0.0500 to 0.4000
  • Primary current: 5 to 100
  • Burden: 2 to 10
Current Transformer with Integrated Converter -- CTA-VA

bull; The PTI provides automatic shortcircuiting of the CT : if the measuring circuit is opened. • BTV 25 products are voltage transformers. They are used specifically for supplying measurement equipment, therefore it is not recommended to connect other components. which could affect accuracy. [See More]

  • Type / Applications: Toroidal; Electronics
  • Secondary Current: 0.0 to 0.0200
  • Primary current: 1 to 800
3-phase Transformer -- Model 276B3
from Time Mark Corporation

The Model 276B3 is a ring-type 3-phase transformer for currents from 50-1200 amps. Secondary terminals are #8-32, brass studs with one flatwasher, lockwasher and regular nut. Polarity markings are stamped on the transformer. Holes at the corners of the transformer case are for attaching a mounting... [See More]

  • Type / Applications: ThreePhase; Toroidal
  • Secondary Current: 0.0 to 5
  • Primary current: 50 to 1200
  • Frequency: 0.0250 to 0.4000