Water Soluble / Emulsion Metalworking Lubricants, Coolants, and Fluids

Heat Treatment Salts -- Quick Cure 275
from Hubbard-Hall Inc.

DESCRIPTION. Quick Cure 275 is a high purity, eutectic mixture of nitrate and nitrite salts, formulated specifically for curing extruded rubber profiles at the lowest possible temperature ranges. It is used as a molten liquid salt bath and is especially effective for curing silicone profiles and... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Water Soluble / Emulsion
  • Use Temperature: 315 to 1100
  • Function: Quenching / Heat Treat
  • Industry Applications: Austempering, Martempering, Blueing Steels, Heat Treatments, Drawing or Tempering Hardened Steels, Cure Extruded and Molded Rubber
Water-miscible Cutting Lubricant -- COOLCUT S-30™
from Walter Surface Technologies

Coolcut S-30 ™ is a ready-to-use, high-performance metal cutting lubricant specially designed for automatic and semi-automatic metal removing operations. Features. Formulated with extended corrosion protection. Stable emulsion. Low foaming. Can be diluted up to 1:30. Contains extreme pressure... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Water Soluble / Emulsion
  • Features: Extreme Pressure or Chemically Active; Low or Non-Foaming
  • Function: Metal Cutting; Lubricant; Corrosion Inhibiting or Rust Preventative
Botanical -- CIMFREE® VG3900H Synthetic

CIMFREE ® VG3900H is recommended for general-purpose and high production machining and grinding of nonferrous metals. It can also be used in some applications on ferrous metals. [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Water Soluble / Emulsion; Synthetic or Semi-synthetic
  • Specific Gravity: 0.9470
  • Function: Lubricant; Corrosion Inhibiting or Rust Preventative; Grinding Fluid
  • Flash Point: 250
Gesswein Diamond Compound, Water Soluble - Blue -- 216 - 9060
from Gesswein Co., Inc.

Specifically designed for the mold & die industry, our Water Soluble compounds have the same diamond concentrations as our oil soluble type. Clean-up is fast and easy. Can be thinned using our water soluble lubricant (see "Related Products" below). Our Water Soluble Diamond Compounds have close... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Water Soluble / Emulsion
  • Function: Metal Cutting
  • Type: Micro-dispersion
  • Industry Applications: Mold and Die
Aqueous Quenchants -- Aqua-Quench® 145
from Houghton International, Inc.

Aqua-Quench ® 145 was the world ’s first biostable polymer quenchant formulated specifically for induction and flame hardening applications. The polyalkylene glycol based product has a proven biostable technology that eliminates the need for sump-side additions of antimicrobial agents to... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Water Soluble / Emulsion
  • Function: Quenching / Heat Treat
Mobilcut™ 100 Series -- 100
from Mobil Industrial Lubricants

Mobilcut 100 Series fluids are formulated with high levels of lubricity additives to provide you with excellent performance in your arduous machining operations. Suitable for machining a wide range of metals, these biostable, chlorine-free fluids are particularly suitable for aluminum alloys used in... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Water Soluble / Emulsion; Petroleum or Mineral Oil
  • Function: Metal Cutting
Industrial Metalworking Fluid
from Phillips 66 Lubricants

Our industrial lubricants are engineered to perform at the highest levels over a wide variety of industry applications and conditions. Phillips 66 provides metalworking fluid so you can get the job done. [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Water Soluble / Emulsion
  • Specific Gravity: 0.8480 to 1.05
  • Function: Metal Cutting; Flood or Misting Coolant
  • Flash Point: 2 to 536
Aluminum Substrate Grinding Coolant -- AmberCut™ 331
from Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning Group

AmberCut ™ 331 is a synthetic, water-soluble grinding fluid specifically formulated for the fixed abrasive grinding of rigid computer memory disks. This unique formula is designed to provide excellent removal rates and flatness and evenly dispersing aluminum fines to aid in maintaining the... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Water Soluble / Emulsion; Synthetic or Semi-synthetic
  • Specific Gravity: 1.1
  • Function: Flood or Misting Coolant; Grinding Fluid
  • Features: Biodegradable; Low or Non-Foaming
Bio Water Emulsifiable -- Corrosion Inhibitor
from United Bio Lube

Provides excellent ROI through long service life/energy conserving formula [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Soy or High Oleic Base Stocks; Water Soluble / Emulsion
  • Flash Point: 518
  • Function: Corrosion Inhibiting or Rust Preventative
  • Industry Applications: Automotive or Transportation; Process Equipment, Tanks, Reactor or Lines; Corrosion and Rust Prevention