Liquid / Solution Organic Solvents Datasheets

AsahiKlin Precision Cleaning Solvent -- AE3000
from AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

AsahiKlin AK-225 Precision Cleaning Solvents are environmentally sensible hydrochlorofluorocarbons designed to replace chlorofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and other HCFCs that have high ozone depletion potential. One-hundred percent free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), the solvents have... [See More]

  • State of Matter: Liquid / Solution
  • Chemical Name: 1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethyl-2,2,2-trifluoroethyl ether
  • Chemical Family: All Halogenated; All Ethers
  • Chemical Formula: C4H3F7O
Propylene Glycol -- DOW PuraGuard™ (PG) USP/EP
from Dow Polyurethanes

DOW PuraGuard ™ Propylene Glycol (PG) USP/EP is a pharmaceutical grade of Monopropylene Glycols (PG or MPG) with a specified purity greater than 99.8%. DOW PuraGuard ™ PG USP/EP is tested for compliance with specifications of: United States Pharmacopeia (USP). European Pharmacopoeia... [See More]

  • State of Matter: Liquid / Solution
  • Chemical Name: 1,2-propanediol
  • Chemical Family: All Alkenes; Propylene / Propene
  • Chemical Formula: C3H8O2
from Chemical Strategies, Inc.

Chemical Strategies offers over 3,000 products by Chempax. If you are unable to locate a chemical you need, our sales department can custom source any needed materials for you directly. [See More]

  • State of Matter: Liquid / Solution
  • Chemical Name: ACETONE #5
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons -- 142 Solvent 66/3
from CITGO Petroleum Corporation

CITGO 's 142 Solvent 66/3 is a medium boiling range solvent consisting primarily of C10-C12 saturated hydrocarbons. It is hydrotreated to reduce both aromatic hydrocarbons and olefins. Complies with Rule 66/3 requirements. 142 Solvent 66/3 meets ASTM 235 Specification for Type II, Class C, High... [See More]

  • State of Matter: Liquid / Solution
  • Flash Point: 152
  • CAS Number: 64742-47-8
DF-2000™ fluid
from ExxonMobil Chemical Company

Dry cleaning is a service built on trust – the trust consumers give to a cleaner for proper care of their best apparel. Because some fabrics require special attention and offer no room for compromise on quality, ExxonMobil Chemical has developed DF-2000 ™ synthetic hydrocarbon fluid, an... [See More]

  • State of Matter: Liquid / Solution
  • Chemical Name: Synthetic Hydrocarbon Fluid
from GFS Chemicals, Inc.

ITEM#:1064. ClCH2CH2Cl. CAS#:107-06-2. F.W.:98.96. NFPA#:3-3-1. Specific Gravity: 1.250. DOT:3/6.1/II. Descriptions: Specification. TEST. 1. Assay 99.0% min. 2. Appearance - Clear, colorless liquid. 3. Residue after evaporation 0.002%. 4. Titrable acid 0.0003 meq/g. 5. Water (KF) 0.03%. 6. Color... [See More]

  • State of Matter: Liquid / Solution
  • Chemical Family: All Alkanes; All Halogenated; Ethane; Chloroethane
  • Chemical Formula: ClCH2CH2Cl
FlexiSolv™ Benzyl Alcohol

FlexiSolv ™ benzyl alcohol (BA) is a highly-refined, pure, aromatic, primary alcohol with a wide variety of applications as a solvent and chemical intermediate. Its physical, chemical, and regulatory advantages make FlexiSolv ™ benzyl alcohol a preferred alternative to methylene... [See More]

  • State of Matter: Liquid / Solution
  • Chemical Name: Benzyl Alcohol
  • Chemical Family: All Alcohols
  • Chemical Formula: C7H8O
DMI 1,3 Dimethyl-2-Imidazolidinone
from Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc.

DMI, a high purity aprotic solvent, is composed of nitrogen containing five membered ring compound and widely recognized as an epoch making solvent. It is a colorless, transparent, high polar solvent with high thermal and chemical stability and non-corrosiveness. The material has a high boiling... [See More]

  • State of Matter: Liquid / Solution
  • Freezing Temperature: 46.76
  • Chemical Name: DMI 1,3 Dimethyl-2-Imidazolidinone
  • Boiling Point: 437
Commercial Heptane Ultra Low Aromatic -- 717950
from Phillips 66 Specialty Solvents

Phillips 66 Specialty Solvents Team is a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of high purity hydrocarbon solvents. We offer specialty hydrocarbon solvents from Pentanes to Heptanes to custom blends. All of our products are rigorously tested to meet quality standards. [See More]

  • State of Matter: Liquid / Solution
  • Chemical Name: Heptane, Branched, Cyclic And Linear, N-heptane
  • Chemical Family: All Alkanes
  • Chemical Formula: C7H16
Solvents -- ELFCLEAN S 140
from Total Lubricants USA, Inc.

Degreasing solvent. Flash Point = 142 F [See More]

  • State of Matter: Liquid / Solution
  • Flash Point: 142