Specialty / Other Polymer and Plastic Composites

High Lubricity Polyimide (PI) / PTFE Custom Composites -- PI Glide™
from Zeus

Overview-. Polyimide (PI) is a group of high performing polymers known for their exceptional chemical, thermal, and mechanical performance properties. These materials demonstrate exceptional thermal stability in high and low temperatures and are extremely flame resistant. PI Glide ™, our PI /... [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: PI Glide™; Fluoropolymer; Polyimide or Bismaleimide (BMI)
  • Tensile (Break): 12038
  • Form / Shape: Hollow or Tubular Stock; Profile or Structural Shape
  • Elongation: 47.0
from Total Plastics, Inc.

ECOGEHR ® WPC-30PE is a composite of 70% wood. fibres and 30% polyethylene (PE) as a polymer. matrix. Terrace decking, no splintering. Rope ladder rungs, non-slip surface. Crossbow bolts, high strength. Playground equipment. Writing instruments. Park benches [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: 70% Wood Fibres and 30% Polyethylene
Custom Rubber Sheet and Slab
from Aero Rubber Company, Inc.

We offer a broad range of rubber sheet and rubber slab material in a wide variety of elastomers, thicknesses and widths. Aero routinely ships high quality materials. Choose from chemical resistant, EPDM rubber, Neoprene sponge foam, Silicone rubber sheet, and many other sheeting rubber products. And... [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: Polyurethane; Vinyl / PVC; Silicone
  • Form / Shape: Sheet or Film
  • Reinforcement / Filler: Glass or FRP; Cloth Reinforcement
  • Features: UL
from Toray Industries (America), Inc.

TORAYCA ® laminates are made by arranging carbon fibers in the same direction and impregnating them with epoxy resin. The resulting material is then molded and hardened to form plates that can be used as repair and reinforcement materials for civil engineering and construction projects. TORAYCA... [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: Carbon Fiber
  • Industry: Repair or Construction
  • Reinforcement / Filler: Carbon or Graphite
Armor-X™ Machinable Plastic - Sheet Stock
from Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products

Product Overview. Resists oils, cutting fluids and chemicals;. Has excellent impact and wear resistance;. Is more flexible than other polymers;. Is available in two finishes, including our anti-skid ProKnob ™ surface. Protect equipment and surfaces with Armor-X ™. Armor-X's ™... [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: Polyethylene; TPE
  • Form / Shape: Sheet or Film
  • Reinforcement / Filler: Elastomeric Filler
  • Thickness: 0.2500 to 1.5
Base Material -- DuraSurf™ A La Carve
from Crown Plastics Co., Inc.

Because of its incredible abrasion and impact resistance, UHMW-PE has long been a preferred plastic in snowboard wakeboard sports design and engineering. Later, as new UHMW-PE formulations reached designers, customized products designed to enhance performance and offer unique graphic presentation... [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: HDPE, UHMW
  • Form / Shape: Sheet or Film
  • Reinforcement / Filler: Metal or MIM
  • Thickness: 0.0030 to 0.2500
Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panel UL-752 Level 1 -- PSSA-01
from Protective Structures, Ltd.

Protective Structures, Ltd. employs our SecureAll ™ Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panel UL-752 Level 1 as the core of several of our bullet resistant assemblies, including bullet resistant doors, ballistic capture frames, non-ricochet deal trays and counters. [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: Fiberglass
  • Width / O.D.: 36 to 60
  • Form / Shape: Plate
  • Length: 96 to 120
from Toray Industries (America), Inc.

Toray Group is focusing on the development of the TORAYCA ® Prepreg business. TORAYCA ® Prepreg is an intermediate TORAYCA ® product supplied in sheets consisting of resin-impregnated carbon fiber. The quality characteristics of TORAYCA ® make it ideal for a wide range of uses. In... [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: Carbon Fiber
  • Form / Shape: Sheet or Film
  • Reinforcement / Filler: Carbon or Graphite
  • Industry: Aerospace; Sports/Leisure
Techtron® HPV Machinable Plastic - Rod Stock
from Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products

TECHTRON ® HPV is a reinforced, internally lubricated semi-crystalline polymer developed to close the gap both in performance and price between the standard thermoplastic materials (e.g., PA, POM, PETP,) and the high end Advanced Engineering Plastic Products (e.g., PBI, PI PAI, PEEK). Techtron... [See More]

  • Polymer Matrix Type: Polyphenylene Sulfide
  • Form / Shape: Rod or Round Stock; Profile or Structural Shape
  • Reinforcement / Filler: SMC, BMC or Other Chopped Fiber Reinforced; Solid Lubricant and Fibers
  • Length: 0.2360 to 3.94