Material Removal / Roughing (Coarse Grits / Filaments) Power and Rotary Brushes Datasheets

Bear-Tex® Abrasive Brush -- 66261058830
from Norton Abrasives

Bear-Tex ® Abrasive Brush [See More]

  • Applications: Dry; Wet; Coarser filaments or grit sizes; Cleaning and Surface Conditioning; Portable Grinder or Handheld
  • Outer / OD: 7
  • Brush Filament / Fill Material: Abrasive Filament; Specialty Blend / Other; Nylon
  • Bore / Shank: 0.8750
1-1/2 Inch OD, 0118 Carbon - 1/2 Inch -- 47107
from Maryland Brush Company, Inc.

Bull ’s Eye ® Sections are small diameter wheel brushes, available in a wide range of diameters and fill materials. They are effective in brushing areas inaccessible to larger diameter brushes. Bull ’s Eye ® Sections may be mounted directly on a spindle either singly or in... [See More]

  • Applications: Dry; Coarser filaments or grit sizes; Cleaning and Surface Conditioning
  • Brush Filament / Fill Material: Metal Wire
  • Brush Type / Shape: Disc Brush
  • Outer / OD: 1.5
TroxellUSA - Bully Edger 1/2" Radius 40/50 Grit BRAZED DIAMONDS -- 06-BULLY12R
from TroxellUSA

Add 1/2" Radius profile to stone, masonry, and tile...ON SITE WITH A GRINDER or POLISHER! Use wet or dry! This is a money-making, time-saving dream tool! No more sending out for fabrication! Remember our brazed diamonds last 3 times longer than electroplated! [See More]

  • Applications: Coarser filaments or grit sizes
Blind Brush
from Ultrafab, Inc.

Specialty brushes in several polymer options utilizing numerous filament configurations act as cleaning, sealing, and processing devices for various needs, from delicate to aggressive applications. Analysis of chemical exposure can also be researched. We are experts at manufacturing and designing... [See More]

  • Applications: Dry; Coarser filaments or grit sizes
  • Brush Filament / Fill Material: Specialty Blend / Other (optional feature); Nylon, Polyester
  • Brush Type / Shape: Blind Brush
  • Product / Material Worked: Metalworking