Fabricated / Custom Shape Silicon Carbide and Silicon Carbide Ceramics

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Porous Ceramics
from Xiamen Innovacera Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

The range of Innovcera porous ceramic filters are made from aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. The strong, uniform porous ceramic has 40-50% open porosity with a tortuous pore structure and is available in pore sizes ranging from 6 to 90 microns. Maximum Temperature. Up to 1000C for porous ceramic,... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape
  • Applications: Wear resistant parts or tooling; Air Bearings, Permeable Substates, Dispersion Media, Ash Handling, Wicking Media, Fluidized Bed Plates, Spargers, Breathers
  • Max Use Temperature: 1000
  • Performance Features: Porous material
Ceramic Armor Material -- Forceram®
from Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories

Proven Performance in Demanding Applications. For nearly 50 years, Saint-Gobain has led the way in the development of high-performance materials for ceramic armor systems. From the first ceramic body armor system for U.S. troops in Vietnam to the modern body armor systems, Saint-Gobain is committed... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape
  • CTE: 4.4
  • Thermal Conductivity: 20
  • MOR / Flexural Strength: 26107
Ceramic Armor Material -- Hexoloy® SiC
from Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories

Hexoloy® silicon carbide is one of the hardest high-performance materials available.  Hexoloy sintered alpha silicon carbide will outperform other commercially available ceramics or metal alloys, including superalloys.  Hexoloy silicon carbide is ideal for applications such as nozzles, pump and... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Spout; Tile; Custom Shape
  • Applications: Armor / Ballistic Protection
Ceramic Armor Material -- Silit®
from Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories

Defense & Security. When lives are at stake, insist on the world's best ceramic armor protection. Advanced silicon carbide (SiC) materials pioneered by Saint-Gobain have protected military, law enforcement and security professionals for more than 40 years. Saint-Gobain provided the very first... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Tile; Custom Shape
  • Modulus of Elasticity: 4.35E7 to 5.51E7
  • Compressive Strength: 123281
  • Density: 3.05
3M™ Silicon Carbide
from 3M Advanced Materials Division

Silicon carbide has come a long way since its use in sandpaper. Today, this versatile ceramic material is used to manufacture components that won ’t deform in the blast of a hot furnace ... sliding bearings that can operate in caustic and acid process fluids ... seal rings for high-speed... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Spout; Tube; Hollow Stock (Tube, Pipe, Column); Custom Shape
  • Applications: Abrasion Resistant; Foundry / Metal Processing
Ceramic Chamber Lids for Deposition Chambers
from CoorsTek

Chamber domes (sometimes referred to as lids) are used to create a clean, inert, and protected environment in deposition chambers. Chemical reactions inside the chamber deposit thin layers of metallic, dielectric, or semiconductive material onto the wafers. Chamber lids and liners are exposed to... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape
  • Applications: Chemical or material processing
  • Composition: Aluminas (Al2O3): PlasmaPure™, Sapphal™ Aluminum Nitride; PureSiC® Silicon Carbide
Boron Carbide Ceramic Component
from San Jose Delta Associates, Inc.

"PAD" (Pressure Assisted Densification) Boron Carbide is characterized by outstanding hardness, low specific gravity, excellent corrosion resistance and a high neutron absorbing cross-section. This material is suitable for light weight armor, nuclear and wear applications. [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape
  • Compressive Strength: 400000
  • MOR / Flexural Strength: 53083
  • Density: 2.48
Silicon Carbide Custom Shapes
from Accuratus Corporation

Silicon Carbide is the only chemical compound of carbon and silicon. It was originally produced by a high temperature electro-chemical reaction of sand and carbon. Silicon carbide is an excellent abrasive and has been produced and made into grinding wheels and other abrasive products for over one... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape
Low Surface Area (LSA) Catalyst Carrier -- SC Series Silicon Carbide
from Saint-Gobain Innovative Materials

For many years, Saint-Gobain NorPro has been known for its range of very low surface area macroporous alpha-alumina-based carrier materials. Inert to their environment in most circumstances, the carriers play a vitally active role in many catalytic reactions. Other low-surface area catalyst carrier... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Hollow Stock (Tube, Pipe, Column) (optional feature); Custom Shape; Grannular Fill; Ferrule / Eyelet (optional feature)
  • Density: 0.5599 to 1.36
  • Width / OD: 0.1181 to 19.69
  • Applications: Chemical or material processing; Customer Specified
Investment Casting Refractories
from SELEE Corporation

SELEE ® Advanced Ceramics ® is a leading supplier of crucibles, ladles, spouts and ram materials to the Investment Casting industry and has been for over 60 years. SELEE ® Advanced Ceramics ® crucibles are designed to give excellent corrosion and erosion resistance, excellent... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape
Ceramic Chamber Rings for Deposition Chambers
from CoorsTek

Rings cover the wafer edge and perimeter, protecting critical chamber components and extending their useful life. Since they are directly exposed to the deposition process, strong plasma durability and high purity are critical to final wafer yield. SEMICONDUCTOR DEPOSITION PROCESSING. Semiconductor... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape
  • Applications: Chemical or material processing
  • Composition: Aluminas (Al2O3): PlasmaPure™, Sapphal™ Aluminum Nitride; PureSiC® Silicon Carbide
Ceramic Components for Ion Implant Equipment
from CoorsTek

From precision air bearing components and beams to ultra-flat vacuum chucks and thermally stable pins, screws, and frames, advanced ceramic components are engineered for the demanding requirements and delicate nature of ion implant processes. CoorsTek provides advanced, RF-transparent ceramic... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape
  • Applications: Electronics or semiconductors; Ion Implant Equipment
  • Composition: PlasmaPure™ UC Ultra-Pure Alumina, PureSiC® Ultra-Pure CVD Silicon Carbide; StatSafe™ ESD-Safe Ceramics