Braid-Over-Core Compression Packing Seals Datasheets

Flexible Pure Graphite Compression Packing -- Style 2105
from Phelps Industrial Products, LLC

Phelps Style 2105 is braided from flexible high density pure graphite, and is not a man-made carbon/graphite fiber. This compression packing has an excellent high and low temperature operating ability. This braided packing can be ran dry in pumps and withstand dramatic pressure and temperatures in... [See More]

  • Construction: Braided-Over-Core
  • Cross Section: Square
  • Seal Type: Braided Packing
  • Packing Cross-section Size: 0.1250 to 1
Braided Packing -- PKG 344-SC
from Hi-Tech Seals, Inc.

Braided packing is used to seal gaps and to fill gland space. The compressive force generated by tightening of the gland produces a radial pressure providing the sealing effect. Seventy percent of the wear on the braided packing occurs on the outer two packing ’s. The inner three rings do... [See More]

  • Construction: Square-Braid; Braided-Over-Core; Multi-Braid
  • Cross Section: Square
  • Seal Type: Braided Packing
  • Material Classification: PTFE