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  • High-Quality Piezo Sound Transducers for the A380 Airbus
    Flying may once have been a privilege of the gods but today, traveling by air is taken for granted. The motto is larger, faster, and further but also safety first. Whatever component used in an airplane must be "airworthy" which means reliable, durable, and as light and small as possible. This also
  • Air-Coupled Acoustics: Sound PAT for Tablet Characterization
    , an air-coupled transducer, a laser interferometer, a vibrometer controller and a digitizing oscilloscope, as well as a vacuum handling apparatus consisting of a vacuum wand and a vacuum pump with a suction power of ~30 kPa. The instrumentation diagram of the acoustic excitation and interferometric detection
  • Measuring Static Overpressures in Air Blast Environments
    . overpressure in an air blast is extremely challenging. Pressure rise. times can be sub-microsecond, demanding extremely highfrequency. response from the measuring pressure transducers and. their associated signal conditioning.
  • Capacity & Consumption
    When it comes to selecting an electronic to pneumatic (E/P) transducer, the type of input and the pressure range of the output are the most common selection criteria considered. There are a couple of other specifications that are worth reviewing to select the best transducer for the job
  • Delay Time Measurement with Ultrasonic Sensors
    Many industrial ultrasonic sensors are based on the delay time measurement. As has been mentioned in the introduction, the "measurement representation" thereby is the propagation velocity of the sound in the air, which is 330 m/s under normal conditions. The sensors utilized for these functions
  • Effects of Ultrasonics on Health
    energy is the ultrasonic transducer: a linear motor that converts electrical energy to reciprocating mechanical motion similar to a high-speed hammer. The motion occurs at a rate of 20,000 strokes or more per second, and is above the hearing range of the average person. The ultrasonic mechanical
  • Introduction to the Two-Wire Transmitter and the 4-20mA Current Loop
    controls and actuators throughout the building, all powered from compressed air. Air pressure at 3psi served as the "live-zero" and 15psi represented 100%. In this way, the more modern 4-20mA signal standard emulated the earlier 3-15psi pneumatic controls. Any pressure below 3psi was considered "dead
  • Unified Optical Scanning Technology - Preface
    arts and sounds, utilizing an arranged timed series of pixels, pels, or voxels. This temporal factor is of basic interest, for it allows (via the optical/electrical transducer --modulator and detector), efficient electronic processing. It is because of this fundamental flexibility that optical

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