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  • Applications for High-Speed Infrared Imaging
    The phrase high-speed imaging is generally associated with short exposure times, fast frame rates, or both. Supersonic projectiles, for example, are often impossible to see with the unaided eye and require strobe photography to stop their apparent motion. It is often necessary to image high-speed
  • Control Requirements for High-Precision, High-Speed Machining
    capabilities. These new types of machines put increasing demands on the controller. This paper explains some of these demands in the areas of feedback data rates, motor phase commutation, servo algorithms, and trajectory generation. Early in the analysis for a high-precision, high-speed machine, the designer
  • Linear Actuators for High-Speed Low-Load Applications
    are available, accurate positioning at high speeds is still difficult with pneumatic systems. High-speed linear actuators that use disc magnet motor (DMM) technology, however, provide excellent linear speed for low-load applications such as sensor movement, positioning a laser beam, pick and place
  • High-Speed Infrared Sensors for Temperature Monitoring
    Infrared sensors are the preferred choice for a temperature measurement in applications where the target is moving, especially when fast and non intrusive thermal readings need to be acquired. High demand for such infrared non contact devices led to a very attractive price performance ratio, which
  • High Speed and Safety Reinforced Digital Isolator for Endoscope and Medical Imaging Applications
    isolation so the sensor won't shock the. patient. The combination of high speed and stringent safety requirements. presents signifi cant challenges to isolation. design and often resulted in expensive solution, e.g. fi ber optics. With latest transformer on fl ex technology. developed by Avago
  • Machining - Smart Machining: A New Development in High-Speed Machining to Consider - 03/06
    Maximum RPM Machining: Necessities of High-Speed Moldmaking Mold shops will thrive if they practice an 'all-aspects ' process to HSM, which includes the machine, cutting tool, toolholder, proper balance and application support. High-speed machining has been around for a few years now
  • PT 101: Accelerometers Measure Slow Speed Rollers and Detect High Frequencies
    accelerometers are the sensor of choice for accurately measuring the broad range of frequencies and low amplitudes occurring in slow speed roller bearing installations. Wilcoxon accelerometers are specially designed to maximize sensitivity to low level vibrations. Their low electronic noise floor is needed
  • The PRIMA fringe sensor unit
    The fringe sensor unit (FSU) is the central element of the phase referenced imaging and micro-arcsecond astrometry (PRIMA) dual-feed facility and provides fringe sensing for all observation modes, comprising off-axis fringe tracking, phase referenced imaging, and high-accuracy narrow-angle

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