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  • Tackling Laser Visibility
    Our customers often ask us if a laser spot can be seen in their application. While such information can be a critical factor in anything from alignment to targeting applications, the answer to this question can be difficult because it may vary from application to application. It is important
  • One laser head, one plasma torch, one cutting table
    The fiber laser and plasma systems share similar delivery systems. Neither require any kind of optical alignment between the power source and cutting head. The two thermal cutting processes share many similarities, from an integration standpoint, which is why the two now can be integrated onto
  • Infrared Viewer Frequently Asked Questions
    is powered via pushbutton switch. When powered, an internal 3V battery-based power supply generates the 16 to 18kV required to accelerate the electron image into the output phosphor screen. The fluorescent green light output (550nm) is observed via an adjustable eyepiece lens. Laser alignment
  • Using IR Surveys in DUNAFERR Steelworks Complex Diagnostic System
    : Maintenance, Energy, Technology, Research, and R&D. The maintenance program was extended with vibration monitoring, oil analysis and laser alignment, which were started in the last few years. Examples of field problems diagnosed with infrared are presented. Estimated cost savings and other benefits generated
  • Teaching Analog New Tricks
    , and auto-ranging must be disabled for the results to make sense. These limitations have made optical metrology a perennial bottleneck in applications as diverse as scanned-probe microscopy, fiber alignment, device characterization, laser cavity optimization, fluorescence studies and laser spectroscopy.
  • Developing an Effective Passivation Process to Maintain
    Laser marking is commonly used for medical device identification and as an alignment aid for surgical tools, stents, tubing,. dental products, orthopedic products and many others. The mark is conspicuous and permanent and will sustain repeated. use and sterilization. Many medical devices are made
  • Microrobotic Packaging
    . But the angular alignment tolerances required-coupled with the parasitic transverse motions inherent in tip-tilt operations-have made these alignments even more difficult to automate than the exacting transverse alignments of waveguide and laser diode pigtailing. Until recently, flexible
  • Medical Device Link .
    automated mask alignment system. It generates microwelded seams with freely definable geometries, an advantage when creating parts to satisfy complex design requirements. With position resolution of 2 m and precise control of laser power, the noncontact Novolas system enables microstructured plastic parts

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