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Selecting beam clampsBeam clamps are devices that clamp onto a structural steel beam for support, lifting, and rigging applications. They connect components to the structural steel without drilling or welding, which could change the integrity of the materials.


Beam clamp connections can temporarily or permanently attach utility conduits and pipework or flooring and roofing materials to the flanges of I-beams. They also can create joints between beams.

The clamp action is typically either spring steel or screw-set. The clamps can support both horizontal and vertical loads. Beam clamps are easier and faster to install than welds or drill holes, which would require specialized labor and equipment, as well as engineering analysis.

Beam clamps commonly install utilities in unfinished or industrial buildings. A good example is in warehouses, where plumbing and electric lines can be attached to girders or beams via beam clamps.



Screw set beam clamps are recommended to be hand tightened, with an additional quarter- or half-turn performed by tools. Spring steel beam clamps attach with deformable steel that is hammered into a secure connection on the beam. Additionally, some clamps are designed for beam flanges of a specific thickness or shape.

Most beam clamps are manufactured to connect a specific type of component. Example components:


  • Conduit, pipe, or threaded rod
  • Flooring or roofing panels
  • Locating plates

  • Secondary beams



Sizes: including jaw opening size, clamp thickness, and sizes of compatible components (e.g. conduit, threaded rod).

Weight capacity: load the clamp can support

Material: stainless steel, steel, and iron are most common



Finish: such as an electroplated or electrogalvanized finish that improves clamp durability.

Locknut: the set screw features an integral locknut to prevent loosening.

Top/bottom flange: the beam clamp can be installed on either the top or bottom of the beam.

Screw up/down: the set screw can be tightened from the top or bottom.



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