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Cubic Designs Safety Bollards guard valuable plant equipment, loading dock areas, parking areas, building passageways, water mains and more.Bollards are structures used to restrict access, improve security, and landscape property. While many bollards provide aesthetic benefits, typically, bollards are used to protect pedestrians and buildings from vehicles and military installations from attack. They are also used to secure ships and boats to piers and docks.

Some bollards are cylindrical and have a domed, angled, or flat cap. Others are square or shaped like spheres, but solidly anchored in the ground. Bollards can be installed individually, in a group, or as part of a larger security system. Stationary bollards provide a constant barrier while retractable bollards permit authorized entry. Folding bollards are hinged at the base so that they can lay flat when not in use.


  • Concrete and steel - Used for security purposes.
  • Aluminum - Used in landscaping and lighting applications, and as decorative rail supports.
  • Cast iron -  Used in landscaping and for mooring ships.
  • Chrome-plated steel - Used for aesthetic appeal.
  • Rubber bollards - Used where flexibility is important.
  • Moveable bollard wheels into action to create a barrier that diverts traffic in temporary applicationsPlastic - Used for removable bollard covers and lightweight bollards 


  • Integral light fixtures
  • Speakers
  • Battery backups
  • Auxiliary generators
  • Movable, removable, or retractable
  • Crash-rated for high levels of security


Several standards apply specifically to bollards. Since these products are used for, among other purposes, building security and traffic control, standards pertaining to these applications could be consulted.

JIS F 2001 -- Bollards

ISO 13795 -- Ships and marine technology - Ship’s mooring and towing fittings - Welded steel bollards for sea-going vessels

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