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In the literature, thermal cutting processes by gas, plasma or laser are often covered in conjunction with the corresponding welding methods. This is because almost the same equipment is used for both processes, and because the methods are often also utilised together. It is then also appropriate to take the opportunity to cover competing methods, such as water jet cutting.

This chapter also describes air carbon arc gouging and oxy-fuel gas flame gouging; methods which are often closely associated with corresponding welding processes.

10.1 Thermal Cutting

Thermal cutting is used considerably in connection with the preparation of parts for welding. In addition to cutting plates etc., it may also be necessary to prepare the joints by bevel-edging them. The quality and smoothness of the resulting cut surface are generally satisfactory for the purpose, and the methods are easy to mechanise.

Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Oxy-fuel cutting uses a flammable gas, generally acetylene or propane. Burning the gas in oxygen, rather than just air, produces a flame with a high temperature. The flame first preheats the workpiece: when a sufficiently high temperature has been reached, a jet of oxygen produces the cut by actually burning the metal. This produces a metal oxide in the form of liquid slag, which is blown out of the joint by the jet of gas.

The flame also helps to maintain the upper surface of the plate above the ignition temperature of the metal while cutting is in progress, although most of the necessary heat required for the...

Products & Services
Plasma Cutting Equipment
Plasma cutting machines use a high-velocity, high-temperature ionized gas to make cuts in materials and parts.
Oxy-fuel Cutting and Welding Equipment
Oxy-fuel cutting and welding equipment melt an areas with an arc and then use a high-velocity, high-temperature, ionized gas to make cuts.
Welding Gases and Thermal Process Gases
Welding gases and thermal process gases are specialized gases for welding, cutting or other thermal processing applications.
Cutting Services
Cutting services use a variety of cutting methods to fashion materials into predefined shapes or sizes.

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