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1.063 GBd MMF Transceiver for Fibre Channel/Storage, 1x9, Ext Shield, Mezz Height, RoHS Compliant -- HFBR-53A3VEMZ
from Avago Technologies

The HFBR-53A3VEMZ/VFMZ transceivers from Avago Technologies allow the system designer to implement a range of solutions for multimode Fibre Channel applications. The overall Avago transceiver product consists of three sections: the transmitter and receiver optical subassemblies, an electrical... [See More]

  • Signal Output:: Emitter-Coupled Logic
  • Connector Type: SC
  • Cable Type: Multimode
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3
Fiber Optic Receiver -- LBR-50K4P5G-10-15-10-GC-FA
from MITEQ, Inc.

Fiber Optic Receiver [See More]

  • Signal Output:: Transistor-Transistor Logic; Emitter-Coupled Logic; Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor; Video; Radio Frequency
  • Wavelength: 1280 to 1580
  • Connector Type: Biconic; D4; ESCON; FDDI; Loopback; MTP; MT-RJ; MU; SC; SMA; ST
  • Pigtail: Clock Recovery; Pigtail; Stand Alone