Spring-Energized Metal Ring Seals Datasheets

Temper Seals
from Temper Corporation

Temper offers a wide range of roll formed single and multi-convolute form spring seals for use at temperatures up to 2000°F. In addition we offer small, precision-machined sealing gaskets of high performance metals such as Inconel® with soft plated gold and silver coatings to assure leak free... [See More]

  • Seal Type: Spring-Energized; Roll formed single and multi-convolute form spring seals
  • Application / Industry: Oil/Gas; MIL_SPEC; Nuclear
  • Temperature: 2000
Helicoflex Delta® Seal -- UHP-UHV
from Garlock Helicoflex

Long life expectancy, high temperature bake out, odd shapes and sizes [See More]

  • Seal Type: Spring-Energized
  • Temperature: -458 to 1292
  • Shape: Round; Rectangular/Square; Oblong/Oval
  • Diameter (for Round shapes): 0.1500 to 80
Metal Seals -- Delta
from Technetics Group

The Delta ® seal is a member of the Helicoflex family of spring energized seals. The sealing principle of the Helicoflex family of seals is based upon the plastic deformation of a jacket that has greater ductility than the flange materials. This occurs between the sealing face of a flange and an... [See More]

  • Seal Type: Spring-Energized