Plain / Journal Linear Bearings Datasheets

DryLin® R Adjustable Housing Bearing, mm -- OJUME-06/36
from igusĀ® inc.

Open, anodized aluminum housing, standard. Contains JUMO-01-XX liner made of iglide ® J is fitted as standard. Adjustable clearance: with 2 set screws (DIN 913) one side of the block can be adjusted. Recommended tolerance for the shaft: h6-h10. Also available with the following liners: TUMO-01:... [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Width: 1.69 to 5.2
  • Special Bearing Materials: Plastic
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.4724 to 1.97
Flange-mounted Sleeve Bearings - Inch -- BLAFMT-DFP08
from Quality Bearings & Components

Frelon ® Lined. FLANGE-MOUNTED SLEEVE BEARINGS – INCH. • Self-Aligning. • Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum Housing. • Frelon ® Lined. • Self-Lubricating [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Width: 1.25
  • Special Bearing Materials: Anodized Aluminum; Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.5000
1233850 [B160-T-005-0100-G from igusĀ® inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

The black iglidur ® Tribo-Tape for stressed areas now offers even more wear resistance and design freedom. Designed for lining areas of wear and where frequent maintenance is required. Space requirement is at a low due to its 0.5mm thickness (0.65mm including the adhesive backing). The tape is... [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Open Closed - Bushing: Open
  • Bearing Length: 3.94
Water Pump Bearings -- IB8001
from Aetna Bearing Company

Water Pump Bearings [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.6267
  • Special Bearing Materials: Bearing and Rail Assemblies
  • Bearing Length: 2.62
Simplicity® Standard Inch Series -- FL08 [FL08 from PBC Linear, A Pacific Bearing Company]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

1/2" Precision Bore; FrelonGOLD Lined Linear Bearing [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.5000
  • Special Bearing Materials: Aluminum; Corrosion Resistant.; Rotary Motion; Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Length: 1.25
Composite Bearings Inch Series Closed -- L1018-12
from Lee Controls, LLC

With a relatively low coefficient of friction, LEE LINEAR ® Composite Pillow Blocks are available in Ceramic and Self Lubricating models with or without the self aligning feature. [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.6255
  • Special Bearing Materials: Ceramic (optional feature); Rotary Motion; Self Lubricating (optional feature)
  • Bearing Length: 1.5
Oil-Free Bushing Housing Unit -- LFBA Series

Tall block type,multi-layer LF bushing built-in type,aluminum alloy housing [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Width: 2.28
  • Special Bearing Materials: Bronze; PTFE and Steel Layer; Self Lubricating
  • Bearing Diameter: 1.18
Ball Bearing Cage Bushings -- AB-06010
from Precision Ball Specialties Inc. (PBS)

PBS carries large inventory of press fit pins and bushings that are incorporated with our "Precision Style", "Rotating Retainers", and "Commercial" ball cages. [See More]

  • Bearing Type: Plain / Journal
  • Bearing Length: 2.5
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.7500
  • Bearing Housing: None