Cable Cylinder Rodless Cylinders

Guided Cable Cylinder -- 1050
from Branham, W.C. Inc.

GCC - Guided Cable Cylinders from W.C. Branham consist of a double acting cable cylinder and a pre-engineered/packaged guide and load bearing support system for self guiding and self supported loads. GCCs can be configured with reed switches, auto tensioners and caliper disc brake combinations for... [See More]

  • Coupling: Cable Cylinder
  • Rated Load/Force: 19
  • Stroke: 30
  • Operating Pressure: 100
Double Acting Cable Cylinder -- CC05
from Tolomatic

Cylinders can be isolated from any work area with extended cable lengths [See More]

  • Coupling: Cable Cylinder; Clevis
  • Operating Pressure: 0.0 to 100
  • Stroke: 20.4
  • Bore Size: 0.5000