Thickness Surface Profilometers Datasheets

Surface Profile Probe -- FPR1
from Fischer Technology, Inc.

To ensure that protective layers adhere permanently, the surface roughness of the base material must comply with strict recommended standards. The FPR1 profile probe is the ideal solution in this case: When combined with the FMP10/40 series, the FPR1 profile probe is the ideal solution for testing... [See More]

  • Measurement Capability: Roughness; Thickness
  • Standards Compliance: ASTMD4417, MethodB, SSPCPA17, AS3894.5-C, U.S.NAVYNSI009-32, SANS5772 and Other Standards
  • Technology: Contact / Stylus
  • Applications: Measurement of the Surface Profile of Sand-blasted Parts; Onshore and Offshore Steel Structures, Infrastructure, Ship Construction, Wind Turbines
thicknessCONTROL RTP 8302 Inline Profilometer
from Micro-Epsilon Group

The modularly designed C-frame based sys- tems of the RTP8302 family are convincing due to their flexibility and performance in the rubber processing industry. Applying them in extruder lines or measuring rooms provides reliable measurement results in high precision and thus creates the basis for... [See More]

  • Measurement Capability: Defects, dimples or film residues; Thickness
  • Diameter / Width: 17.72
  • Technology: Optical / Laser
  • Accuracy: ±5µm
Microtrak 3 Thickness Gauge -- TGS 25-02
from MTI Instruments Inc.

The Microtrak 3 Thickness Gauge System used for automated metal, fiberboard and cement board sheet production and QA/QC combines our proven non-contact laser triangulation sensors with a modular controller that can operate either as a standalone solution for displacement measurement or with a... [See More]

  • Measurement Capability: Thickness
  • Mounting / Loading Options: Unit Mounted on Machine or Production Line
  • Technology: Optical / Laser
  • Display & Special Features: PC Interface / Networkable
Stylus Profilers
from Bruker Corporation

Bruker's Dektak ® stylus profilers are the product of over four decades of proprietary technology advances. They provide repeatable, accurate measurements on varied surfaces, from traditional 2D roughness surface characterization and step height measurements to advanced 3D mapping and film... [See More]

  • Measurement Capability: 2D / Line Profile; Area or three dimensional profile; Roughness; Thickness
  • Applications: Electronics (optional feature); Semiconductors (optional feature); Photovoltaic Solar Cell Manufacturing
  • Technology: Contact / Stylus
  • Mounting / Loading Options: Benchtop (optional feature); Floor (optional feature)
Crosscheck™ Laser Profile Sensor -- CC3000-100
from Bytewise Measurement Systems

Use CrossCheck for faster startups and changeovers while reducing product scrap and rework. Easily diagnose root causes of product variation to improve dimensional quality and operator variability, enabling 100% product certification. [See More]

  • Measurement Capability: 2D / Line Profile; Area or three dimensional profile; Flatness; Step Height; Thickness; Warp / Bow
  • Specific Parameters / Measurements: Average Peak Height; Maximum Valley Depth; Peak Count
  • Technology: Optical / Laser
  • Lateral Resolution: 0.0012